My Project Life Scrapbook – January 2015 Pages

It’s March now, and yet I’m just done with my January pages for my brand new Project Life scrapbook. I think I’ll be doing Project Life on a monthly basis.

I did start off with the intention to do Project Life on a weekly basis. Then I quickly came to see that time passed by faster than I can play catching up. I think I’ll let each month happen and then set aside time the following month to create pages for the preceding month.

January 2015 pages of my Project Life scrapbook.January 2015 pages of my Project Life scrapbook.January 2015 pages of my Project Life scrapbook.

Lessons from My First Month of Doing Project Life

There’s a few things I’ve learned as I created my January pages.

Once I had all my chosen January photos developed and printed out by late February, I realized that doing a weekly spread going by Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 kind of date format doesn’t quite work out for me.

Now my double-page spreads don’t correspond exactly to the ideal Week 1, Week 2, Week 3… Instead I have some double-page spreads with shorter days and some with longer days. That’s fine with me. What’s more important is that I have all the photos that mean something to me to be on these pages.

The Project Life Photo Pocket pages I have on hand are all under Design A, which has four 4″x6″ pockets and four 3″x4″ pockets on each page. But I took more portrait photos than landscape photos with my Xiaomi Redmi smartphone! In the end, I had to resize a good number of my photos to the 3″x4″ sizes to fit them into the smaller pockets. I’ll have to remind myself to take more landscape photos from now on.

I’ve not handwritten notes much lately. In fact, I type way more than I handwrite which I believe is happening to many people these days. I wasn’t daunted by the handwriting task and simply started writing on the prettily designed journaling cards. I didn’t fret over the possibility of spoiling a good card.

Well, my hand was a little stiff when writing and my handwriting started to go a bit weird after writing on several cards in one sitting. Yes, I also made a few minor mistakes and my handwriting wasn’t as legible as I like. But I’m not going to sweat it. Whenever I made a mistake, I didn’t even bothered to take a new card and rewrite. I didn’t use a correction fluid to cover up the mistake too. I either canceled it out or I wrote over the error.

My Verdict After Doing the January Pages

Project Life is supposed to simplify my memory-keeping system. If it were to take up more time than I could set aside, it would quickly turn into a cumbersome assignment for me. And if I have wanted everything to look perfect, my handwriting mistakes would bother me and I might want to type, edit and print out on the journaling cards which would then take up more time that I would have liked.

So far, I’m able to keep things fairly simple. It’s more about deciding the placements of the photos and journaling cards/art cards and slotting them into the photo pockets. I like that handwriting on the journaling cards let me jot down facts and moments in quick time.

Project Life is a simple system that I can quickly get used to. After not scrapbooking for a long time, it feels good to be doing memory-keeping again, this time in a new and simplified format.

And it’s easy and mess free! There’s no pulling out boxes of scrapbook supplies, barely any cutting except for cutting into halves the two 3″x4″ photos I’ve combined onto 4″x6″ photos, and just writing away on the predesigned journaling cards. When I don’t feel like writing, I simply use the flip side of the journaling card which usually features words or a print.

Time to start collating my February photos!

Have you started on Project Life? What’s your thoughts on it?

Supplies Used in My Project Life Scrapbook

 Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages – Big Pack of Design A (60 Pages) Pioneer 12-Inch by 12-Inch Fabric 3-Ring Binder Album with Window, Black

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