My Project Life Scrapbook – March 2015 Pages

Once again, I’m running behind in posting up my Project Life scrapbook pages. It’s early May now, and I’m just posting my March pages. Here they are!

I thought I wouldn’t have much to show for March as I didn’t recall that many things happening, and yet I did come up with a good number of photos.

March 2015 pages of my Project Life scrapbook.

March 2015 pages of my Project Life scrapbook.

March 2015 pages of my Project Life scrapbook.

Now that I look at these completed pages, I realized there were a few events that happened in March. If not for using Project Life to capture these moments of the my daily life, I would have let memories of these events slipped through my mind in a matter of time.

Now that I’m reviewing these photos, oops, I’ve forgotten to add photos of my dear friend’s birthday! Three of us friends celebrated for her. The reason I’ve forgotten is that those photos were taken by another friend and it’s probably in my Whatsapp folder which I’ve not checked out while selecting photos for the month of March.

However, this cloud has a silver lining. With photo pocket scrapbooking, there’s an advantage. It’s possible for me to add in more photos at a later stage, and what I need to do is to do some reshuffling and rearranging of the placements of some of the photos for the month. It’s alright.:)

My Struggle with Too Many Photos and Photo Organization

It’s a reminder to me to be more attentive when I next sort out and select photos for the month of April.

That’s the issue with using smartphones to take pictures these days. It’s overly convenient and it’s so easy to click a few shots of the same pose and then there’s could be several poses. Besides photos of people, I’m taking lots more photos of random stuff which I probably wouldn’t have taken in the past with a digital camera.

And if there’s an event, the amount of photos taken could multiply two, three or more times. Two, three or more friends might be taking photos and forwarding the photos of the same event through Whatsapp to the rest of us. And the outcome? Many similar photos covering the same event.

Now I have to face hundreds of unsorted photos in my smartphone, thousands more in my DropBox, Google+ Photos, and my computer. My 2014 and this year photos are scattered in various places. I don’t like it.

Till date, I’ve sorted photos from 2003 till 2013 February. Okay, I’ve made some progress. That’s almost a decade of photo organization, from the time I first used a digital camera and then transiting over to using smartphone now for taking photos.

The prospect of having to sort, delete and keep the rest of the unorganized photos would be a time-consuming project, but it’s something I want to get done. I don’t want an ever expanding storage space for my unsorted photos lying somewhere on some online storage box that I don’t ever have to deal with. That’s photo clutter.

Imagine 20 years later, when I want to browse through my 2014 photos to refresh my memories, I have to sieve through countless photos just for that one year of memories…

I’ll adopt a strategy for now – be more selective in taking photos and swiftly delete away unwanted photos taken or received through Whatsapp on a daily basis.

My ultimate goal is to consolidate all my photos in one central storage place, have them sorted out and organized, and then stay current. I’ll set aside a day every week to doing that. My next step, conquer the 2013 March photos!

Supplies Used in My Project Life Scrapbook

 Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages – Big Pack of Design A (60 Pages) Pioneer 12-Inch by 12-Inch Fabric 3-Ring Binder Album with Window, Black

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