My Simple Version of a Restaurant-Style Potato Salad Recipe

My simplified version of making a restaurant-style potato salad. I’m a novice cook though time-wise I’ve been cooking for two years now. My kitchen is stocked with very limited ingredients and I’m a one-dish wonder kind of woman. It can get boring but the easier and less fuss when it come to preparing a meal, the better for me. I save the more varied meals on weekends when we do go over to my parent-in-law’s place for lunch, or when I’m to buy back food to eat at home on some days.

For the last several years, it’s been a tradition to go over to my brother’s place for a potluck lunch party on Christmas Day. For the party last month, I offered to bring over a potato salad and popcorn.

Well, when I made the offer, I’ve not made a potato salad before. After searching online for simple potato salad recipes, I tried to choose between two recipes, and finally decided on one called Restaurant-Style Potato Salad from There were over 200 positive reviews on this recipe, and after looking over the ingredient list, there were several items that I would have to go shopping for.

Out of the 13 ingredients, I skipped five ingredients. I knew that if I were to add those in, a good number of my family members won’t be touching the potato salad. To have a wider appeal, I omitted ingredients such as sweet pickle relish, chopped white onion, minced celery, minced pimento, and shredded carrot.

But I did go on to buy russet potatoes, mayonnaise, white vinegar and mustard. The rest of the basics such as white sugar, dried parsley, ground black pepper and salt, yes I have these.

A few days before Christmas, I made a trial run of the simplified version of the Restaurant-Style Potato Salad. My good friend and her sister came that evening and I was relieved when my good friend liked the salad enough to finish it up.

On the Christmas Eve, I spent some time making the potato salad and kept it refrigerated till the next day, when I had to bring the big tub of potato salad along for the Christmas party.

As usual, all of us prepared too big a portion for our dishes. My potato salad which looked kind of bland was a slow moving item. When my sisters did finally try it, they said despite looking bland, it’s flavorful! I would imagine that if I were to follow the recipe closely, it would burst with even more flavors and colors.

Anyway after the party, a week later I missed eating this potato salad and made it for my little boy and me. He didn’t like it as I’ve added a tad too much of white vinegar. Too strong for him. But for me, I finished up everything.

I would make it again someday, and maybe add in the shredded carrot and chopped white onion.

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