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Five photobooks of my baby boy.Happy New Year and warmest wishes to you! I hope you had a happy day ushering in the New Year, and in high spirits where a brand new year brings with its brand new beginnings, hopes and possibilities!

I know it’s not the 1st January, and I’m a bit late. I took a few days off from this blog the last few days to relax in the last days of 2014 and to welcome 2015 in the company of my family. :)

I’m feeling excited about 2015, and to keep things simple, I’ve set one goal for myself. One goal so that I can learn to focus on achieving one thing and then moving on to the next thing. What about you, have you set any New Year Resolutions?

That day I wrote about SMASH Books, and after that post, my thoughts led to photobooks. Why? Because since my son’s arrival, I stopped scrapping. But on hindsight, I’m so thankful that though I didn’t have time to sit down and scrapbook, I had the sense to make mini photo-books to track my son’s growth and development from birth to 3 years old!

I had four 5.5″x7.5″ mini photobooks and one 6″x6″ mini photobook of my little boy. Below are a few snapshots I’ve taken of his photobook pages.

These pages look plain and super simple. I didn’t even bother to choose a theme for my photobooks. All I wanted back then was to meet the deadline for my photobook deals! I believe without expiry dates, I might not have gotten these done.

Photobook page of my baby boy at 3.5 months old.

Photobook page of my baby boy at 5.5 months old.

Photobook page of my baby boy at 10 months old.

Photobooks Vs Scrapbooks

Perhaps photobooks aren’t as free-form, and the pages are flat without textures, and you probably might not feel it’s as therapeutic as creating traditional scrapbook layouts, but they do serve a good purpose for me.

They are a form of memory keeping that takes up much lesser time. There’s no mess, no keeping and storing of scrapbook supplies, and no large amount of time required. With the busyness of taking care of a little baby boy who turned into an active toddler, I didn’t have the motivation, energy or urge to scrapbook the last few years. But for a photobook, I could set aside a few hours to compile the photos, to upload the photos and to add a few words to the pages and then send to print. After that, it’s waiting for the photobook to be delivered to me.

For people who don’t feel creative enough to scrapbook, or don’t want to commit to a hobby that could easily accumulate to quite a bit of money, or don’t have the time to scrapbook, photobooks could be the answer.The most time taken up in creating a photobook is likely to be the photo selection part. These days, it’s so easy to accumulate gazillions of photos with smartphones and digital cameras, so what pictures do you choose, what should you pick??

But once you set aside time to do it, you’ll have your memory keeping in hard copies.

To show some proof of my wedding (ROM day) and my son’s early development in hard copies, I have photobooks! That day when I took out all my photo books and browse through them, I feel comforted to know that at least I’ve done some form of memory keeping of two most important milestones of my life, getting married and the arrival and growth of my son.

Hardcover page of my ROM photobook.

Pages from my ROM photobook.

Give Photobooks a Go

Just a week ago, I was contemplating about traditional scrapbooking and wondering if someday I would want to create a baby scrapbook album for my son or a wedding scrapbook album. But after going through my photobooks, they pretty much help me express what I’ve like to see on the records.

What I could have done better is to choose photo books with better quality and that all the baby photobooks come in the same size. As I made them at different times and through different online photo books seller, the quality and size of my son’s photo-books vary. I could really feel the difference in quality between soft cover photobook and hardcover photobook, as my wedding photobook is of a higher quality and even the pages are thicker, sturdier and I believe more long-lasting.

Having scrapbooked in the past, I’m glad I gave photo books a go. I find photo books to be sleek, polished, and taking up little shelf space. They could also be much more affordable especially if I were to order a photo book during a sale or if I were to apply a coupon.

Creating a photobook won’t be as therapeutic as playing with paper, scissors and scrapbook supplies. And the resulting book won’t be like a scrapbook album filled with textures, embellishments or my creative expressions. But for the times of my life when I was too busy or stressed up with day to day living, photo book is a way for me to do memory keeping.

Oh, I have two more photo books in the pipeline. One is a free 6″x6″ soft cover photobook and the other one is a 8″x8″ hardcover photobook I’ve purchased during the Christmas sale. I already have ideas on what to put in them. It’s now about meeting the expiry dates, once again. ;)

What about you, have you made photobooks or would you consider giving it a try?

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