Pet Scrapbooking

Your dog, cat, feathered or furry friend makes for great subject material for pet scrapbooking.

Except that you probably won’t get very far with perfect photos if you’re taking a shot of your pet. How about settling for a “purr-fect” page, if you so happened to have a pet cat?

You do get the message that oftentimes your pet has a mind of his own, and simply refuses to cooperate for a single sit-down or stand still kind of picture, don’t you?

You’re one lucky woman if he does!

That’s what’s happening with our little crossed-breed (don’t know exact mix) Maltese dog. Zappy could lie down on the floor as a perfect piece of sushi and unmoving, but not when we are hovering around with a camera in front of him.

Somehow, it pushes a button within him that he’s supposed to look everywhere but directly at the camera. So majority of his photos are half-baked, in the sense it’s not perfect for a pet scrapbook page.

Sweet little puppies sleeping.

But truly, your beloved pet will usually hold a special place in your heart, like Zappy somehow managed to carve a niche in our home. He’s like my sister’s shadow and has constantly stuck his oven-hot body close to her, be it that she’s sleeping or sitting down watching TV. She’ll jokingly describe him as her “backpack”.

Anyway, you know that a pet shares the ups and downs of your life together with you. Have you noticed that when you’re down and sobbing away, that mischievous dog of yours suddenly transformed into Mr. Obedient and just sits by quietly besides you, as if he’s offering your some comfort? Simply for this reason, he deserves a place in your scrapbook pages.

What to do with scrapbooking about your pet, you ask? Oh, there’s a couple of ideas to get you running wild with your pet friend!


Quirky Personality

Does your favorite pet have a quirky personality? Capture that for your pet scrapbooking.scrapbook page.

Our Zappy is one weird doggy. He has a strong and easily identified personality too. He’s very persistent, standing on his hind legs and calling you with his little paw, and repeating his moves until you pick him up in resignation and place him next to you.

Did I also mention that he’s kind of deaf to any instructions or commands when he’s in the space out mode?

How about curious habits that he exhibits? Zappy has this habit of shooting off to my toilet suddenly and I’ll see him making countless little turns in the shower room area before he poos.

I’m pretty sure that your pet will have some little peculiar habits or personality traits that’ll make him shine through your pages. Take a snap of that. That caught-on-camera action stance will make strong memories in future, bringing you fresh memories of those yesteryear fun moments with your pet friend.


He’s Like One of Us

Scrapbook your pet as if he’s part of the family, which he is. Remember to add in journaling too.

Can’t think of anything meaningful to write about? Maybe a poem will help explain your feelings about your pet? How about some quotes that’ll remind you of him or the special moments you’ve shared together?


A Day of a Pet’s Life

Do you know what’s your pet doing when you’re not around the house? Any suspicions that he’ll be up to no good?

Well, if that’s the case, you’ll usually know when you get home.

I strongly suspect that Zappy just lazes around the whole day and sleeps his time away. And well, if there’s some pieces of tissue lying carelessly around, it’ll be in shreds on the floor when we get home. Great material for scrapbooking huh?

You can put a little “timetable” of what you imagine your dog or cat to be doing the whole day through. Some little tidbits that’ll point out his personality to others.


Camera, Action!

Yes, take various photos featuring your pet in different actions or scenarios.

How about some before and after shots of his grooming session? Sometimes, I wonder if the pet-groomer mistakenly brought back another dog and not Zappy, until I looked at his weary-looking eyes and confirmed that it’s him. Or your little hamster treading like mad away at his wheel?

Take pictures of him and his visit to the vet. Not forgetting his barely-concealed excitement while riding in your car. Then there’s the outing at the beach playing Frisbee with him, or walking him around the neighborhood and playing with those kids. And also of him tearing away at his favorite treat.

Your pet takes up a part of your life, so there’ll be many chances to capture him on negatives for your pet scrapbook layouts.


What Other Stuff?

Some items that you can include in your pet scrapbooking to create some “woof”! These are just some basic items. You can always include other items designed more specifically to your kind of pet:

  • Worn-out piece of collar or tag
  • Birth certificate or adoption papers
  • Vaccination record card
  • Copies of dog show awards and certificates
  • Ribbons, pins, buttons
  • List of his favorite toys, past-times or food
  • Packaging labels of his feed, shampoo
  • Stories of his adventures, anecdotes, favorite persons, pet peeves and more!

You can always add in pet-related scrapbook supplies to decorate your pet layouts.

Have fun scrapping about your pet!

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