Popular Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages

Here’s a few popular ideas for scrapbooking pages to get you started on scrapbooking if you’re a beginner.

If you’re just starting out, you might be curious about what’s the common themes that others scrapbook about.

Some of the common themes include babies, school days, graduations, vacations and weddings.

Let’s take a more detailed look at these various scrapbooking ideas.


1) Baby Theme

Baby pages are among the most popular ideas for scrapbooking. And babies are a breeze to scrapbook about. Their adorable faces and innocence don’t need much heavy accessorizing. Just one or two embellishments will work wonder.

One classic idea is to use some simple pink paper and ribbons for a little girl or blue papers and cars or trains stickers for a little boy .

For more ideas, shop around for some cute baby theme embellishments. You’ll sure to find a fun selection of baby embellishments from milk bottles, diaper pins, teddy bears to pacifiers, to help you dress up your baby pages.


2) First Day of School Theme

Remember your kid’s first day of school? The panic, the jitters, the tantrums and the hopes… This is a great theme as your grown-up kids would appreciate knowing how they used to behave on their first day of school.

As the mom, you can even add in your own thoughts and wishes for your kid on his first day of school. Plus there are a lot of school themed embellishments for scrapbooking that will help decorate your pages beautifully.


3) Graduation Theme

Graduation is a popular theme in the summer and it’s a fairly easy page to create. Simply add photos of the graduate in her cap and gown, and also pictures taken together with family and friends. Consider using the school colors and add some graduation theme embellishments.

I recently did a double-page-spread of my graduation and it’s fun reliving those moments that happened years ago. Although I can’t even recall some of the names, but it’s heartwarming seeing familiar faces who used to share a slice of my past!


4) Family Vacation Theme

Family vacations are another very popular theme. Many people take lots of pictures of their vacation but then the pictures ended up sitting in a box or drawer somewhere. What a waste!

By creating a scrapbook page or mini-scrapbook album of your vacation, you can have a fun, creative way to show off your vacation to others. You and your family can also relive those memorable moments over and over again.

If your vacation destination was the beach, consider using Sun, Sea and Sand as the theme. Or how about Seashells and Fish?


5) Wedding Theme

Wedding is another favorite among ideas for scrapbooking pages. Creating a scrapbook of your wedding adds a more personal touch than the wedding books of old. And your sweet and endearing journaling will add large doses of meaning to the scrapbook pages.

One idea is to use the wedding invitation as the focal point to start off a wedding scrapbook. Some other ideas for scrapbooking pages of your wedding are adding the song lyrics to the first dance song, guest lists, flowers and vows.


6) Everyday Life Theme

Besides the big occasions, there’s really no shortage of ideas for scrapbooking pages. You have to bear in mind that big occasions only make up a small percentage of your life, while your everyday life accounts for the much larger part of your life. So please don’t miss out on scrapbooking the nitty-gritty of your everyday routine.

To kick start your imagination, how about scrapbooking a day of your life, documenting the neatly organized or highly chaotic lifestyle? Your kid’s daily timetable from the moment she wakes up to the moment she dozes off to dreamland? A page on your family’s favorite dishes? Your list of top 10 favorite qualities of each family member?

Your family’s excitement in buying a new family car? Your date with your husband to the theatre? Your family weekend picnics by the river watching ducks and swans?

Your kids running among the blooming flowers in the spring? Your husband’s weekly lawn-mowing during the summer? The whole family raking the fallen leaves of autumn? The snow-shoveling during winter?

These are just some ideas you can use. I’m sure as you scrapbook more, you’ll come up with even more fabulous themes or ideas for scrapbooking pages on your own.

It’s all about experimenting, taking risks and having fun with your scrapbooking. So let your scrapbooking imagination take wings!

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