My Project Life Purchases from Amazon Came Today

I purchased a Pioneer D-ring album, Project Life Honey Core Kit and Project Life Design A Photo Pocket pages from Amazon.Yippee! When the doorbell rang this afternoon, I was happy to see that a UPS man was standing at my doorstep carrying a big box from Amazon!

I wasn’t expecting my Amazon parcel to arrive till early February as that’s the estimated delivery date given on my tracking form. And my, it’s a big box and it’s heavy! No wonder the UPS man seemed to struggle with the size and weight of the box.

It’s my first purchase from the online giant retailer Amazon. In the past, their shipping fees to Singapore was higher than the discounts offered on their items, so I didn’t see the point of buying from them. But recently I’ve read that they have started to offer free shipping to Singapore for purchases over USD125.

So I made up a list of items I wanted to buy, made sure that these items qualified for the AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping, and made sure that the total sum exceeded USD125.

I bought a number of books for my little one’s birthday next month, the SMASH Book Folio Gift Pack for my good friend’s birthday in March, and a box of books for my niece’s birthday in April. And then there’s my items for my Project Life scrapbook.

Imagine my shock to notice at the Checkout that if there wasn’t free shipping, I would have to fork out over USD90 for shipping fees to Singapore! Thank you Amazon for the free shipping!

Alright, I tried to keep my costs low as I’m into value buys. I saw the Project Life Olive Binder on sale for less than USD10 a few weeks ago but I hesitated and then it’s sold out! I waited for another week to see if they would restock but they didn’t.

So I looked for other options and decided to try out the Pioneer 12×12 inch fabric covered D-ring album to use it as my Project Life scrapbook album. I’ve read a review that this album is too small to hold the Project Life Photo Pocket Pages but I took a chance. And it fitted just nice when I slotted the empty Project Life Photo Pocket Pages into the album. Phew!

My boxes of Project Life Core Kit and Photo Pocket Pages

The Honey Edition of Project Life Core Kit that I bought from Amazon.

For the Project Life Album Core Kit, initially I was thinking to go for the Seafoam Edition as the cheaper editions don’t ship to Singapore, and the other prettier ones cost much more than the Seafoam Edition on Amazon.

It’s interesting how the prices for some items can increase or decrease on Amazon. A week later while I clicked on the various Core Kit prices, I was thrilled to see the Honey Edition cost merely a few cents more than the Seafoam Edition, and since I was more attracted to the Honey Edition’s cheery colors, I grabbed it this time before the price rose again. :)

I bought the Big Pack of Design A for my Project Life Photo Pocket Pages.

To keep in line with keeping my costs low, I bought the Project Life Pocket Photo Pages – Big Pack of Design A (60 pcs) that cost about 1/3 of the Big Variety Pack (60 pcs) price. I’ve read that Design A and Design F pocket pages are among the most popular ones. And after looking at the various designs, I decided to go for Design A.

This way, I don’t have to be stuck with some photo pocket page designs that I won’t be using and have enough of the 60 photo pocket pages that I could use for the weeks of 2015.

There’s a concern though. I’ve read several Amazon reviews complaining that the Design A pages were yellow and smelly… But I’ve also read many more good reviews. I took another risk and when it came, I quickly opened up my photo pocket pages and inspected the pages. Okay, the pages don’t look yellow. Passed. they are not smelly. Passed. So I got a good box!

I intend to use these Zig Memory System pens to journal in my Project Life scrapbook.

I also bought a pack of Millennium Assortment pens by ZIG Memory System to use for journaling on my journaling artfully designed cards. Now what’s missing are my photos.

Time to sort and get some photos printed out, and be on my way to starting on my first Project Life scrapbook!

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