Project Life Storage and Organization

Ideas for your Project Life storage and organization of journaling cards. If you find yourself accumulating more and more Project Life Core Kits, and having trouble searching for your journal cards, it’s time to get some storage ideas for Project Life cards.

When my first box of Honey Edition core kit arrived, I’m pretty pleased that it came in a good box. Inside the box, there’s a tray that have five compartments. One for the 4×6 cards and four for the 3×4 cards. I thought it’s neat and sufficient enough to store my 616 title and journaling cards. After tackling three monthly spreads, I discovered that I’m spending more time than I’ve expected in searching for what I wanted.

I merely have one core kit to deal with, so I can easily imagine that it’ll be a tough job for others with 6 core kits, 5 mini kits and other subscription kits! If you can’t find what you want, you’ll be wasting more time in searching for what you want, and you might even end up using lesser Project Life journaling cards than you would like.

Don’t let your search for a suitable title or journaling card amid hundreds or thousands of cards become a chore. Here’s where Project Life organization ideas and tips would be useful.

Project Life Storage Box – Plastic

When it comes to this system of memory-keeping, card storage is the first organization task you’ll have to overcome.

If you like to have your cards organized in durable, see-through plastic boxes, these cards storage boxes would be wonderful. Such boxes can keep out the dust from your cards too especially if you live in areas where it’s easy for dust to get into your house. Since they have handles, you can carry them around your house or to somewhere. It’s portable and lightweight. And they are stackable.

Each of these boxes comes with divided compartments and these compartments can fit your 4×6 title cards or even 6×6 paper pads if you title them back a little. So for your smaller 3×4 cards, you might have get a divider to divide each compartment to fit two rows of vertical 3×4 cards.

These boxes can hold quite a lot of cards. But I would suggest that you don’t pack them full, leave some room for the cards to tilt back a little so it’s easier for you to thumb through your cards.

 ArtBin 6925AB Super Semi-Satchel, Translucent Clear ArtBin 6990AB Super Satchel Double Deep Box with Removable Dividers, Translucent Clearro ArtBin 6996AB Super Satchel Double Deep Box with Removable Dividers, Translucent Purple

Project Life Card Storage Boxes

If you prefer to store your card in beautiful card file boxes, you can look at these gorgeous boxes.

These boxes can hold up to 4×6 cards. So you can use these to store your 4×6 cards horizontally. If you want to store your 3×4 cards, I would suggest that you create a panel to divide up the compartments into two sides so you can store your 3×4 cards vertically on each side.

 Semikolon A6 Index Card File Box, 4 x 6 Inches, Dividers A to Z, Sun Yellow (3220001) PHOTO STORAGE BOXES, HOLDS OVER 1,100 PHOTOS UP TO 4 Snap-N-Store 4×6 Index Card Box, Black, SNS01577

Project Life Storage Ideas

With so many little 3×4 journaling cards & filler cards, and 4×6 title and bifolding cards to handle, it would be great if there’s a storage unit that sits on your craft desk and let you flip through your cards and let you get what you want swiftly.

And I think Jennifer Mcguire has found some clever storage ideas for her Project Life organization. You can look to the short video below to see how she’s doing it.

Project Life Journal Card Storage

Below features the high quality and very durable fridge bin containers that Jenny Mcguire has mentioned in her video.

The 4″x4″x14.5″ long container has just the right inside dimensions for storing 3×4 journaling cards vertically! Who would have guessed fridge bin containers can turn into such a practical and useful storing unit for the Project life cards.

I couldn’t find the other medium container she has mentioned, but I’ve found another similar bin container which is slightly taller and deeper with the dimensions of 5″‘x5″x14.5″. This would let you store the 3×4 cards horizontally, lying on their sides. You can also store the 4×6 cards vertically. It’s a great option if you prefer to store your journaling cards horizontally.

The third InterDesign container she has shown is the one with dividers. You can store your 3×4 cards inside the two narrower compartments behind and leave the wider compartment in front for your 4×6 cards or photos.

 InterDesign Fridge and Freezer Storage Bin, 4-Inch by 4-Inch by 14.5-Inch, Clear InterDesign Fridge and Freezer Storage Bin, 5-Inch by 5-Inch by 14.5-Inch, Clear InterDesign Linus Pantry Pullz Organizer, Large – Divided

Project Life Card Organization – Card Cabinet

This is a beautiful piece of little furniture that helps to keep your 3×4 and 4×6 journaling cards well-organization, in the form of a lovely card cabinet!

It can hold plentiful of journaling cards. Up to 1,000 3″x4″ cards and 700 of 4″x6″ cards. You can probably store all your cards in this cabinet, and if there’s space left over, you can store the drawers with odds and ends. And if you run of space, you can get another cabinet and these will look great sitting on your desk or shelves.

We R Memory Keepers – Albums Made Easy Organizer – Card Cabinet

Project Life Organization Tips

If you have more than one Project Life core kits and other brand names of journaling cards, you have tons of cards to handle. But you’ll soon realize keeping them in their original packaging boxes will give you a hard time to getting what you want.

You’ll have to think how best to organize your cards in a way that help you to find what you find. Organizing them by manufacturers probably won’t be as efficient as organizing them by colors and/or themes.

I think organizing by colors is a great strategy. This way, you can run through all the orange cards for example and get what you want faster. You can organize most of your cards by colors, and some of your cards by themes such as Baby Girl, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, etc.

Below is a video where a crafter shows how she effectively organizes her Project Life cards and subscription kits by colors.

I hope you will take away some ideas to help you in keeping your journaling cards well-organized!

2 comments for “Project Life Storage and Organization

  1. Martha Keating
    August 4, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    I love the Project Life cards. Could you tell me what other brands of cards you have besides Becky Higgins? I would love to expand my collection! Thanks!!

    • Fion
      August 5, 2016 at 7:35 pm

      Hi Martha!

      The Project Life cards are beautiful, aren’t they? I’ve only tried Becky Higgins’s Project Life cards so far. But if you’re looking for more options and to expand your collection, you can easily source for more such pocket journaling 3″x4″ cards or 4″x6″ cards from different brands at Amazon. Sometimes, certain brands will be selling a combination of 4″x6″ and 3″x4″ cards such as this one. Have fun browsing!

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