Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

Need some romantic ideas on scrapbooking your love story? Here’s a great list of 10 romantic scrapbooking ideas to set your love creativity flowing.

Your romance with the man you love deserves a special place in your love scrapbook.

Perhaps you’re contemplating on creating a mini love scrapbook?

Or you’re more ambitious and thinking of pouring your heart and soul into scrapbooking the long, beautiful romance between you and your special guy.

Whatever the case might be, somehow you need something to spark you off… because you realized that you’re running out of ideas on what to scrapbook about!

Relax… help is here.

Below is a list of idea starters to get you going.


1. Pick out your favorite love letters to each other.

Photocopy these precious letters onto acid-free papers and do a scrapbook layout on these hugely meaningful and important letters.

Describe how moved, touched and loved you felt when you first read the letter and held onto that piece of paper with tear-glistened eyes. Or how you broke into jubilant laughter when you read that you’re so treasured and cherished by the one you love.

2. Do you have a love song?

Scrapbook about your special song and explain how the song came to become your song? What’s the occasions when you make efforts to play this song?

Is this a must-play song at your anniversaries? Have you ever generously loaned out your song to friends on their wedding days?

Did you fall in love with each other dancing to the rhythm of this love song? Maybe you can even add on an envelope onto your scrapbook page to hold a CD of that song.

3. Are both of you food lovers?

Do you make special trips for dining out? Taken any photos at different restaurants, cafes and eateries that you’ve been to? Have you made special dishes for each other to savor?

Scrapbook about these favorite hangouts or at-home dining dates where the two of you simply filled your stomachs with food and hearts with love.

4. What’s the wildest or craziest experience that you’ve shared together?

Remember how you thought that you would never survive from the life-defying bungee-jump, that you’ve challenged each other to?

Or how you hollered out in abandon into the dark night, because it felt like there’s only two of you in this big world, while you were camping out in the outback of Australia years ago?

5. Scrapbook about the most romantic date you ever had.

Was it a romantic night where you created a spa atmosphere at home completed with candles, soft music, aromatherapy oil and relaxing massages to pamper each other?

Or was it that you drove for two hours, found a secluded spot at a little paradise and had the best picnic ever?

6. What’s the most frequent activities that you’ve enjoyed together as a couple?

Weekly movies and popcorn without fail? Long night chats at your all too familiar coffee shop? Hunting down interesting antiques at flea markets?

7. Ever been to any impulsive or surprise getaways?

Take out that stash of photos and start scrapbooking the adventures and possibly some of your best moments together.

An incredibly romantic cruise? Sun-bathing without a care in the world at the Waikiki beach of Hawaii?

8. Recall about the sweetest things you’ve done for each other.

And yes, scrapbook all these sweet moments onto your pages! Maybe it’s planting Post-It notes scribbled with sweet nothings all over the house? Or sending your love a letter disguised as a business letter at work?

Or you’ve named a star together to remind each other’s of eternal love when you were miles apart? This is a layout that’s sure to bring a smile to your face each time you flip through your love scrapbook album.

 9. Looking for something simpler and evergreen?

Get each other to write down a heartfelt “10 Reasons as to Why I Love You”. This page has the highest chance of becoming the most revisited page in your whole love scrapbook album, and for a very good reason!

10. Ever told each other about your future and dreams in colorful details?

Ever daydreamed together about growing old, and strolling leisurely in the park holding each other’s hands? Scrapbook about the future you’ve envisioned in 10, 15 or even 30 years down the road.


Hope that you’ve enjoyed these romantic ideas for scrapbooking your love story. I’m sure these will spark off more love ideas of your own!

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2 comments for “Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

  1. Tonya Sumbry-Allen
    September 17, 2014 at 11:09 am

    I can’t wait to start scrapbooking, especially now that I’m pregnant with our first full term baby! I’m on bed rest, this is going to be something to keep me busy because I hate sitting in bed doing nothing but eating, all day. So I’m very excited about this. This page just gave me some great ideas. Can’t wait!

    • Fion
      September 18, 2014 at 1:23 am

      Hi Tonya,

      Congrats on your pregnancy! I’m glad that scrapbooking is getting you excited. :) Scrapping will sure keep you busy, let you preserve your favorite memories, and allow you to express your creativity. I hope you’ll create a few layouts that you can look back on with satisfaction and joy later on. Happy scrapping!

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