Scrapbook Ideas about Creative Lettering

Here’s some scrapbook ideas to help you turn your unique handwriting into creative lettering to embellish your scrapbooking pages.

Learn to love your handwriting.

Your handwriting will lend a very unique look to your scrapbook layouts. You can have the same cardstocks, same patterned papers, same embellishments as other scrapbookers. But guess what, no one can have the exact same handwriting as yours!

I first dabbled with handwriting my journaling because I ran out of ink for my printer. I didn’t want to spend money buying another ink cartridge, so I decided to handwrite my journaling.

Well, I realized I want to spice up my handwriting to make it look more creative on the pages. Here’s where creative lettering becomes the fabulous solution!

Plain handwriting is alright for long chunk of journaling for ease of reading. But isn’t it too plain for page titles or short journaling text?

So juice up your handwriting to look like a special font. Not found anywhere else. Can’t be downloaded. Only created by your own handwriting. How unique is that?

Embellish your handwriting with creative lettering. Make your handwriting stand out and charm others with the look of your specially created “font”.

Scrapbook layout about using own handwriting to decorate the page.

Creative Lettering Tips

  • Forget proper capitalizing. Be experimental, add in both lowercase and uppercase letters. Mix them up in your journaling.
  • Throw in both cursive and print letters. This random look will give a fun and even a whimsical touch to your handwriting.
  • Enlarge certain words. You can also bold certain words with colored pencils or the brush tip of your marker.
  • Use a variety of pen tips to enhance visual interest to your handwriting. 0.5 pen tip is an excellent size for journaling, and the bolder tips can be great for handwriting titles or adding creative dots to letterings.
  • Try to get pens that are lightfast, waterproof, fadeproof, acid free, non-bleeding, photo safe, archival quality, and odorless which are ideal for scrapbooking journaling. Black is the most versatile color.
  • You can use a combination of these tips as a fantastic way to cover up some writing mistakes too! ;-)
  • Occasionally, add in a few lettering stickers among your handwritten journaling. The stickers will emphasize certain words and it’s a very easy technique to apply.


Steps to Almost Perfect Handwriting

  • I said almost, because there’s no right or wrong way to creative lettering. Perfection almost doesn’t exist in handwriting, just like human beings. If your handwriting is perfect, won’t it resemble a computer font then? So don’t fuss over perfection.
  • Use pencil and ruler to lightly sketch lines where you can write on them.
  • Use pencil to write in your letters first. Once you’re done, go over the journaling with your pen. Once you’ve mastered the art of your lettering, you can write straight away with a pen, provided you aren’t worried about messing up. ;-)
  • For me, I usually write out my journaling on a scrap piece of paper. Then I’ll write directly onto the cardstock or patterned paper with a pen based on the text I’ve written earlier. I do amend or change some of the wordings as I go along.
  • If you’ve sketched in pencil, erase off the pencil marks after you’ve gone over your handwriting with a pen.
  • Erase off the lined markings too.
  • Like most things, to get good and great at something, you gotta practice, practice and practice!


Happy handwriting your journaling with these scrapbook ideas!

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