7 Easy Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

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Want some fresh scrapbook journaling ideas? Want to break away from the the standard journalistic approach you’ve been using on your scrapbook pages?

Journaling using the standard 5Ws of Who, What, Where, When and Why will no doubt leave you very well-covered with the factual information.

But there are other interesting journaling ideas you might want to try out for your scrapbook layouts to spice things up a little.

Release some exciting and juicy details of your life events into your scrapbook layout. How?

Put aside the usual no-nonsense journaling approach and dive into the world of gotta-try journaling approaches listed below:


1) Journaling from the Heart

Do you splash out your loving hopes and wishes for your baby on your baby layouts?

Do you write about loving thoughts that will soon flee from your memories unless you try to capture them down in your scrapbook album?

Write simply. Use words to paint a picture of your thoughts. Give your heart a voice to be heard by others.

These will be words your loved ones will cherish and never get tired of reading. Because they are spoken from the depth of your being.


2) Significant “Invisible” Issues

It’s unlikely that you’ll have a photo for every significant moment or event that happened in your life. OK, maybe you might now arm yourself with a digital camera wherever you are for those “just-in-case” moments.

Still, some of the most impromptu and important moments struck before you can hit the camera’s button.

Go ahead and create a scrapbook layout revealing your joy, your triumphs, your failures and the good and bad bits of such moments, without the photos. Don’t get stuck marrying photos to every layout.

You can always use a photo from another event for such a layout. Alternatively, simply skip the photo part and let your journaling take the center stage.

Let your memories play full out in words.


3) Little Care Instructions

Create a scrapbook sharing little care instructions for your little boy and little girl. I got this idea from Creating Keepsakes’ founder, Lisa Bearnson.

Such a scrapbook containing care instructions can prove to be a life savior in times of emergencies. When mommy isn’t around for awhile, daddy or the temporary caretaker can have an “instruction manual” to refer to.

Flipping through the little care instruction scrapbook, the temporary caretaker can quickly know what is your girl’s favorite doll that soothes her, what TV program is a must-watch every afternoon at 2pm for your boy, and what’s their nap time.


4) Future Events

Do you want to pass on your values, your advice, and your experiences to your children and future generations?

Write them down in your scrapbook album and pass on these valuable lessons to your kids.

Scrapbook can be a wonderful place to hold these information for your children to learn about what you value as a person, and what you deem as important qualities to cultivate.

Another approach is to look into your “crystal ball” and “predict some future events”. For example, imagine what kind of careers your kids might take on in the future and compare notes in future. See whether you’re spot on or absolutely way off in your predictions!


5) Qualities of Your Loved Ones

Your scrapbook can be a great place to inspire and encourage your spouse and your children.

Include layouts that highlight the special qualities and talents that you spot in the VIPs of your life. Remind them of how unique they are, how loved they are, how special they are to you, and the great qualities you’ve seen in them.

These are expressive layouts that will keep your VIPs reminded of their unique qualities as a person, and inspire them on days when they aren’t so confident about themselves.


6) Snippets of Conversation

You don’t have to write down chunks of information. Sometimes, snippets of conversation add a very interesting angle to your pages.

The “voices” of the main characters immediately draw the reader into the situation of the moment.

For family members, they can identify the speakers right away. For others that don’t know the main characters well, they’ll be able to catch glimpses of the character’s personality.


7) All-Time Favorite Top 10 Lists

Ah… the ever popular top 10 lists. Well-written lists are very engaging and have a magnetic pull over the readers.

Lists are popular because they can quickly zoom into the most interesting, most colorful, most exciting, most whatever of things.

Lists are fun and the bullet points make the readers sit up and pay close attention.

Don’t forget to apply some top 10 lists to your scrapbook pages.

Now that you have 7 journaling ideas to experiment with, see what you can come up with on your next scrapbook layout!

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