Square-Around Scrapbook Mini Album

Square-around scrapbook mini album? Yup, you’ll know what I meant after you watched this 7-minute step-by-step scrapbook video tutorial by 2worldswings.

I was captivated when I first watched this video. I’ll have to replay it again sometime soon when I have the chance to sit down and make one myself. This mini-album looks so pretty and would make such a great gift to a wonderful someone.

What’s great is that she demonstrated it one step at a time and even repeated the steps for reinforcement. Thus it makes the video tutorial an easy one to follow.

If you’re cracking your head for a very special gift, this could be your answer! Have fun learning to make an easy mini-album and know that your gift would be cherished like love.


Would you like another way of making a mini album? Then don’t miss out on the cardstock scrapbooking mini album video. Have fun making these albums!


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