5 Friendship Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

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Wondering what to create next? These scrapbook page layout ideas about friendship will keep you making new pages.

You’ll find that besides your family, you’ll be taking lots of digital photos with your friends and of your friends.

As I looked through my scrapbook pages, inevitably there’ll be pages of my friends. Friendship is one of the most important relationships a woman can cultivate in her life, so spend some time to scrapbook about your memories shared with friends. Record the times you’ve played together.

Here are five ideas you can use to create meaningful scrapbooking page layouts about them.

Enjoy and have fun!

1. Greatest Moments Ever Shared

Scrapbook layout about Joycelyn, Leonice and me.

Recall those unforgettable moments and put these sparkling, struggling or inspiring moments you’ve shared together onto your pages.

Whether hilarious, sentimental or soul-searching, have these moments recorded. These incidents will say a great deal about the experiences you’ve gone through with your great friend.

2. Common Interests

Did you meet your friend through a hobby like crop sessions? Did your similar interests bring you both together naturally?

Do you stay close in connection even though both of you stay in different cities? Do you meet online almost daily to share your interests and lives? Record these special friendships down to show how a hobby could pull two persons together in an unexpected way.

3. Lessons from Your Friendship

Good friends scrapbook layout

What’s most important is usually invisible to the eye. Has your friend taught you about courage, about living life to the fullest, about exposing your loving side to all? Think about your friends and write down the lessons you’ve learnt from your friendship.

Friends are some of the people whom we learned some of our most precious lessons. Let your scrapbook layout remind you of how you’ve grown as a person because of a friendship.

4. How Different Friends Add to Your Life

Do you have a bunch of interesting friends? An ever-supportive lot of friends? Each friend will bring a unique aspect to your life. A friend whom you run to whenever you need to pour out your woes making her your best confidante?

Another friend whom you tend to ask for fashion advice, kid advice, travel advice and she’s your ever-reliable Miss Know-It-All? Then there’s your fun-loving friend whom you reveal the silly side of you.

All these unique friendships, how precious they’ll be as part of your scrapbook album!

5. Remember Your Pet Buddies

Have a flurry pal who’s your greatest companion? Then don’t miss recording down the special place your pet friend has in your life. These loyal, wonderful companions deserve a place in your heart and scrapbooks too.

2 comments for “5 Friendship Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

  1. Nheo
    January 28, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    Our teacher told us that our project is to make a scrapbook and add pictures to it. And I don’t know about that scrapbook. Please tell me.

    • Fion
      January 29, 2016 at 8:55 am

      Hi Nheo,

      To create a scrapbook, firstly it’ll help if you can choose a theme to base it on. How about a scrapbook about your Favorite Moments with My Friends, Highlights of School Year 2015, or My Favorite Hobby? If you want to create a scrapbook about yourself, you can take a look at 50 Simple Scrapbooking Ideas and pick some ideas to include in your scrapbook. To learn the basics of creating a scrapbook page, you can look at Scrapbooking for Beginners. Have fun! :)

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