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Here’s the 2nd series of scrapbook tips that beginner scrapbookers love to get their hands on. If you’re looking for easy-to-apply scrapbooking techniques, money-saving tips or time-savers, look to these tips.

Once again like its first series, these tips are short and punchy. More importantly, they are easily applicable to your scrapbooking projects and don’t require you to spend much money. In fact, some of these tips are money-savers.

But don’t just collect a bunch of tips and not use them. Tips are only useful if you apply them. ;)

For me, whenever I’m to come across a great tip, technique or idea, I try to apply it in my next layout. So I won’t forget and I get to experiment with the new idea right away and know how I like it.

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Scrapbooking Tips No. 51-75

Tip No. 51
Instead of an exacto knife to cut out your lettering, use a pair of long, curved cuticle scissors to cut them out. Not only does it save time but allows you to cut tiny lettering with great control too.

Tip No. 52
Stuck with limited color schemes? Want to expand your possibilities? Whenever you come across pleasing color combo, cut out these well-done color schemes from magazines and place them in your “favorite color scheme” binder.

Tip No. 53
Isn’t it frustrating whenever you need your liquid glue and it’s clogged? For a quick fix, squeeze out a little glue after using it and let it dry on the end of the tube. Next time you need to use it, simply peel off the dried glue and your liquid glue will be clog free.

Tip No. 54
Do you tend to have a hard time recalling specific details to an event? Then bring along a small notebook with you and quickly jot down answers to date and place of event, people, highlights, activities, feelings. Then tear out these handwritten notes and place them with your photos. Whenever you’re ready to create your layouts, you’ll have all the handy answers on hand.

Tip No. 55
A challenge to get your glue at the back of small pieces of paper that you’ve punched out? Next time, stick a strip of double-sided tap on the paper first and then aim to punch where the tape is on. No more struggling with adhering glue to your little punch outs.

Tip No. 56
Don’t know what to say on your scrapbooking pages? Instead of leaving your scrapbook pages blank without any journaling, how about sourcing for some appropriate quotes? This is an absolutely effective way to add elegance and beautifully expressed thoughts to your pages.

Tip No. 57
I’m sure you’ve occasionally come across a lovely quote. Why not save up such quotes for your scrapbook pages? Have a notebook ready to record down all your favorite or interesting quotes you’ve come across. Before you know it, you have a sizable collection ready to be used whenever you’re stuck for words.

Tip No. 58
How to make your slide mounts more interesting? Cut a piece of patterned papers or fabric in a bigger size than the slide mount. Turn the slide mount over, within the opening of the slide mount, make an X at the back of patterned paper or fabric and cut along the X. Fold up and stick the excess sides to the back of the slide mount, and you now have a more creative slide mount for your pages.

Tip No. 59
Want to create attractive brackets for your page title? Use a piece of your extra slide mounts, cut it in half and viola, you now have two pieces that turn into brackets that fit your title.

Tip No. 60
Create easy borders on your pages by attaching strips of ribbons. To adhere the ribbons, stick on acid-free double-sided tape.

Tip No. 61
Want to create a stitched look on your layouts? Do you own a pair of pinking shears? Use it to cut a straight line down a piece of heavy cardstock. Then use the edges of the cut cardstock to trace zig zag stitches on your layouts using a fine black pen.

Tip No. 62
A fun way to create bullet points to your journaling is to use brads. To make sure that your bullet points are lined up evenly on your layout, poke holes using a thick needle point where your bullet points should be and then inserts your brads.

Tip No. 63
To create a 3-D look to your embellishments, adhere the embellishments to your layouts using glue-dots. A quick and easy way to create a dimensional look.

Tip No. 64
Racking your brains for more creative titles? How about looking to movie titles to create your next page theme? “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “A Cinderella Story”, “Chocolate Girls” and tons of interesting ones around. Go to if you need some help with your movie titles.

Tip No. 65
Need a totally creative title for your beach vacations? Next time you’re out on the beach, write out your place of vacation in the sand and take a picture of it. Then use photo as a die cut title for your vacation layout.

Tip No. 66
Buy patterned papers with text. Then cut out words from the patterned paper to add into your handwritten journaling for a random, fun look.

Tip No. 67
Do you have a big container for your scrapbook supplies but lost track what’s in there? Adhere a sample of different supplies to the outside of the container for easy reference. One look at your container exterior and you’ll know right away what’s inside the container.

Tip No. 68
Do you have many photos from the same event with distracting background? Why not crop these photos and turn them into design elements for your page? Line them up to form a page border for your scrapbook layout.

Tip No. 69
Create Polaroid look-alike by cropping your photos into squares. Next, mat these photos with white cardstocks and you’ll have “Polaroid photos” in a jiffy!

Tip No. 70
Occasionally, enlarge those photos that’s special to you. The bigger photos will show off the photo’s prominence and help to set the mood for your layout.

Tip No. 71
A lot of photos you want to cramp into a layout? Consider turning your photos into a photo collage. For an effective collage, look at the proportions of your photos and then piece them together in a way that show them off effectively.

Tip No. 72
Have a long page title you want to fit in? Create a title collage. This will certainly add a cool effect to your page layout. Create a fun and random look by varying the uppercase and lowercase letters or mix some fonts together.

Tip No. 73
Can’t remember the dates of your photos? Right click on your digital camera’s image file. Next select “Properties” and a pop-up screen will show when’s the photo taken. Now you can easily remember the exact dates of your events.

Tip No. 74
Enjoy painting but you’re not keen in cleaning up your brushes? Soften your crusty bristles by using “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver. It removes all types of paint and even conditions your hands.

Tip No. 75
Looking for a way to store your little eyelets, brads and such? You can get a 7-day vitamin container and store all your tiny embellishments into different compartments. You don’t need separate containers that take up space anymore. Try to get a clear one as you can easily look into the container for the item you’re searching for.


Hope that these scrapbooking tips help. Please bookmark this page and come back again to look at the tips.

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