Scrapbooking Advice – My 10 Tips

I’ve been scrapping for a few years now (sporadically these days), and I have a little bit of scrapbooking advice to share with beginners.

Once I was a beginner too and I understand how it felt like when I first started. Overwhelmed, excited, and certainly enthusiastic and passionate about this wonderful hobby of perserving memories.

After dozens of layouts, this is what I’ve learned and discovered. Maybe some of these might strike a chord with you.


1) I’ve been creating layouts about myself. I’ve become the storyteller of my own life. I step in front of the camera and be photographed. I think it’s important to create layouts on yourself. You might be the only scrapbooker in your family, so if you don’t scrapbook about yourself, no one is going to do it for you.


2) I don’t create layouts in a chronological order. And that’s really OK with me. I scrap as and whenever inspiration strike. I can be creating layouts about today’s photos that I’ve just snapped, or I could be picking up photos from 5 years ago and doing pages on them. I could be combining photos from different time periods and using them on my pages. It keeps the fun rolling.

3) Journaling is important. It’s more important to me than trying very hard to turn my layout into a visual masterpiece. I don’t need masterpieces but I do need my stories be told. I’m not very creative to start off with and if my layouts don’t make people go “wow”, that’s fine.


4) I’ve learned that perfection is a hard thing to keep. In fact, the little imperfections found in my pages are what make my pages unique and special. There’s always the next layout where I can better improve on something. Scrapping is about experimenting, making mistakes and enjoying oneself! So have fun!


5) I try to capture everyday moments with my camera. I don’t just reserve photo-taking for occasions like birthdays and vacations. Remember, your everyday moments form the major portion of your life. So please don’t miss out on scrapping your everyday moments


6) Scrapping can be therapeutic. It happens to me and it has happened to others too. I know because one beginner told me how making a scrapbook about her beloved cat which passed away, filled her up with happy memories of moments shared. Starting this album has encouraged her to think about creating albums for her two existing cats.


7) Everyone has a style. I might have started off imitating and scraplifting heaps from the magazines and others. Still, I do have a style. I like simple and clean layouts where stories and photos take the lead. So it’s a matter of discovering your own preferences and unique style.


8) People go through different phases. Likewise, my layouts will go through evolution. I don’t worry about not liking my pages 5 years down the road. My ever evolving style will document the fact that scrapping style like life, changes.


9) I’m not caught up with the latest and newest supplies. I start off scrapbooking because I want to start telling some of my stories, and preserving memories that touch me. Ultimately, it’s still our photos and stories that take centerstage. Embellishments are supposed to supplement and enhance, not to overshadow or take centerstage. Ok, maybe this is a great excuse for me to save money too! ;-)


10) Shopping with a list is good. It helps me stay on course, not blow my budget and acquire tons of scrapbook stuff that take up more space. And I realize I really don’t need lots of supplies as I can’t and don’t use them all.


If you’re new to scrapbooking and would like to learn how to scrapbook, check out my how-to guide.

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