Scrapbooking Buttons

Do you love the cute look that scrapbooking buttons create on your layouts? Buttons are among the favorite embellishments, and they are one of the often used scrapbooking techniques because it’s easy to apply.

Using buttons for your scrapbook pages are a trend, not a fad. Fad is something here today and might be gone tomorrow. Trend has a longer and better staying power.

Yes, there’ll always be new scrapbooking trends over the seasons and years. But embellishments like buttons, ribbons and brads keep popping up over and over again. There’s a reason why they are always in trend. Because we love the look of buttons not only on our clothes but on our scrapbook pages too!

Scrapbook layout about a flea market event my sisters and I participated in years ago.

There’s a plethora of scrapbook buttons in different shapes and sizes and we haven’t even talked about designs yet. So you’re bound to be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for hip and stylish, bright and colorful, soft and girlish, buttons offer you a multitude of varieties.

Add a button, a row of buttons or a bunch of buttons to dress up your pages. Use buttons to create a lovely page border. Use colored buttons to support your page color theme. Use buttons to add some visual interest or add a spot of color to your layout. Use buttons as the main page accent. You can even create pocket or envelope closures using buttons.


Ways to Attach Buttons

Scrapbook layout about my youngest sister and Iand the places we've been to together.

There’s a few methods to attach buttons to your layouts.

For a quick way, just apply adhesive dots to the back of your button and place them wherever you want them to appear on your page. Simple and fast.

Want to have strings on your buttons? There’s two ways to doing it.

One way is to insert a string through the holes, tie a knot then apply adhesive dot to the back of the button.

If you like the idea of tying the button to your page, here’s a way of having it done.

  1. Tack the button onto the page by applying an adhesive dot on the back of the button.
  2. Create button holes on the paper using a needle or paper piercer to poke through the button holes.
  3. Insert a piece of string, ribbon or fiber through the holes and tie a knot.

The possibilities are wide and heart-melting when it comes to your choice of beautiful scrapbook buttons. So you decide which method works best for you.

Off you go and play with your scrapbooking buttons!

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