Scrapbooking Card Ideas

New to scrapbooking cardmaking? Here’s 3 fun and easy scrapbooking card ideas that can get you making cards in quick minutes.

Scrapbooking and card making are a great match. There’s many scrapbookers who started off with scrapbooking first, and later on ventured into the fun world of cardmaking.

If you’re already into scrapbooking, you can simply dip into your scrapbooking supplies and start making cards right away!

You’ll come to see that card making help you create one-of-a-kind cards. Plus people love the idea that the card is handmade specially for them.

There’s just something magical about a handmade scrapbooking card. And it sure beats store-bought card anytime.

What’s more, there’s a high chance that your handmade cards will be kept by the lucky recipients for many years to come. It’s like having your personal touch all over the card!

Now, start weaving your own card magic with these scrapbooking card ideas.


Basic Materials Needed

1. Papers
Get a pack of folded cards and envelopes from the scrapbooking or craft stores. Alternatively, use some cardstocks and trim them down to the the desired size and fold them.

2. Adhesive
Glue tape is ideal for cards. You can conveniently paste on ribbons, smaller strips of paper and small paper scraps onto the card. No huge mess here.

3. Scissors
A pair of sturdy scissors will serve you well.

4. Special Touches
This can include rubber stamps, ribbons, embellishments, stickers, photos, basically anything that will add a special feel to your card. I think you get the idea.


3 Simple Card Ideas

1. Rubber Stamped Cards

Rubber stamping is one of the most popular scrapbooking card ideas. Select your favorite rubber stamps and start stamping away. With just 2-3 different rubber stamps, within minutes, you would have created a tiny piece of art that’s not only attractive but original too! Simple and quick.

And if you want, you can even color your rubber stamped images with colored pencils or water-color markers.


2. Simple Cards with Single Embellishment

Another simple card idea. Run through your scrapbooking supplies and see if you have any suitable embellishments to use. If not, you can always get some from the scrapbooking stores.

You’ll be amazed by the interesting range of embellishments you can get from scrapbooking stores. From metal and wire, trims of all sorts, ribbons and what-nots, you’ll be spoilt with choices!

For a real quick idea, print out your title onto the top-half of the card, and apply patterned paper to the bottom half. Next apply a strip of ribbon and paste it onto the center dividing line.

Then select an embellishment and create a double mat block with the embellishment. Finally, glue the embellishment block onto center of your patterned paper and it’s done! Simple and beautiful.


3. Window Cards

Use a large square punch to create a peek-a-boo window on the front of your cardstock or folded card. Cut out your photo in a size that’s slightly bigger than the punched window.

Next paste the cut-out photo to the inside of the card, directly underneath the punched opening. Then add on some creative alphabet titles, and your card is sure to become a keepsake.

People can’t bear to throw out handmade card featuring a lovely photo on it! Highly effective.


Once you’ve started on your first scrapbooking cards, you might get hooked and want to create lots more. So enjoy and have fun recycling these easy handmade card ideas!

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