Scrapbooking Flower Embellishments

Scrapbooking flower embellishments have such an ability to add a pretty, feminine, girlish, cheerful, dazzling or sweet touch to a scrapbooking page. And flower embellishments are always in style. Always in demand.

If I have a bigger scrapbooking budget, I’m sure scrapbook flower embellishments and ribbons would take up a bulk of my purchases, besides cardstock and patterned papers.

It’s not surprising to see flowers popping up everywhere on scrapbook layouts. Lots of women scrapbookers are naturally drawn to using flower accents to add a stunning look to their pages. Scrapbookers can’t seem to get enough of scrapbook flowers.

Scrapbook layout about the wedding day of my good friend Mavis.

You can see scrapbookers creatively making flowers out of ribbons, fabric, beads and other stuff.

There’s a huge choice of flower accent available out there. Be it floral patterned paper, paper flowers, flower punches, flower die-cuts, cardstock flowers, mulberry flowers, stamped flowers or fabric flowers, the possibilities are very tempting.


Free Flower Templates

On a budget and yet want to make your own flower embellishments? There’s two free flower templates you can use here.

Just print the flower patterns out on your favorite cardstock, cut along the outline and layer the petals, and you’ll have lovely flower accents for your page!

Click on the below for your free templates:


Make Your Own Flower Accents

Scrapbook layout about my youngest sister and me going to various places.

Another method is to draw your own flower on patterned paper.

Cut out the flower and you can ink the edges for dimension. Then attach the paper flower to your page with a brad which also acts as the flower center. To prevent the prongs of the brad from damaging your page, pierce a hole first using a needle, then poke the brad through the hole.

Alternatively, add a button to the flower center. This is especially good if you have a bigger flower that needs a bigger flower center.


Beautiful Premade Flowers

Scrapbook layout about warm-hearted Auntie Margaret.

Premade flowers are easy to use and they can really make your pages stand out.

From tiny, delicate blooms to big and gorgeous blooms, there’s a riot of colors and varieties you can use to intensify the beauty of your pages.

With premade fabric flowers, you just add an adhesive dot to the back of the flower and you can attach them anywhere on the page. Alternatively, attach a brad to become the flower center.

You’ll have a fun time choosing the colors and themes.

If you want to check out some premade flower embellishments, click here.

Aren’t flower embellishments simply fascinating? That’s flower power for you.

Happy scrapping with scrapbook flowers!

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