Scrapbooking Ideas and Life

Scrapbooking ideas, scrapping product reviews and life.I started this website 9 years ago (almost 10!) sharing scrapbooking ideas, tips, and layouts with women who wanted to start scrapping but didn’t have much clues on how to start scrapbooking. I could help them because I too, was once a beginner, and I still remember how excited and lost I felt when I first began. :)

Few years later, this site has grown into a helpful resource for beginner scrapbookers and I’ve received emails from women who found the information and help they needed here to give them a push to start creating their first scrapbook pages. I was appreciative of their emails and it felt good to have created a helpful and useful site.

Then in 2011, my son was born and for the next few years, I was thrown into motherhood and became a stay-at-home mom. I hardly had time for anything else with a growing and active toddler. Nothing much was added to during these years. But over this period, I did manage to move my website to the WordPress platform in 2013. With WordPress, I have the Comments section and it’s amazing that despite being a rather inactive website, some comments still came in. Thank you!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about doing something. Someone kindly suggested that I started working on my hobby site again. I thought about it for a while and decided to pick it up from where I left it and to give it a go. But this time, I’ll give it a little twist. Instead of merely adding articles on just scrapbooking, I’ll be writing posts about my life, as having a kid and a family do change things quite alot. :)

With this post, it will kickstart the new blog section to my website. I’ll be adding how-to posts about scrapbooking and card making, reviews on scrapbook supplies and also posts about my life. And thus, a new chapter for begins…

Happy scrapping!

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