The Benefits of a Scrapbooking Page Kit

A scrapbooking page kit can help to shorten the learning curve for beginners. It lets you put together a beautiful layout in quick time, rather than taking a long time agonizing over your paper and embellishment choices. A page kit contains the essentials needed to complete a layout.

So it isn’t a surprise that increasing number of monthly scrapbooking kit clubs are popping up all over, to cater to the whims and fancy of scrapbookers.

And scrapbooking kits aren’t reserved solely for beginners. Many avid scrapbookers simply couldn’t stop themselves from getting their hands on those wonderful combinations of supplies, that go into some of the best coordinated kits out there.


The Goodness of a Scrapbook Kit

A scrapbook kit is like an “all-in-one” kind of solution put together in a kit for you to use.

It can probably save you from having a dizzying spell, trying to doing the coordinating work with the endless array of supplies to choose from. Phew…

This is so very true when you are a beginner, and can hardly know what the right supplies are for you. Scrapbooking kits are also for great reasons like saving you time and money, and having all the basic supplies at your fingertips.

Normally you don’t have hours to slowly browse through a scrapbook supplies store, to leisurely coordinate and pick out your wanted supplies.

Heck, you might even be like me, sometimes not doing a wonderful job at coming up with great coordinates and just wishing there’s some help. So a scrapbook kit can help lots.

Purchasing a page kit is also a great idea when you’re thinking of scrapbooking a single event, a holiday, or as a gift to someone. For your friend’s 30th birthday, you can find a kit with a birthday theme containing papers and cuts specially for that.

So a scrapbooking kit can:

Be a time- saver – Imagine just opening up a page kit and have all the papers, cardstocks and embellishments so well-coordinated and ready for your usage. All you need is to pick out those elements you love, add in your photos, paste them and write in your journaling. Then you have it, your very pretty layout out in a flash.

Be a money-saver – When you buy kits, it’ll save you great money too as compared to getting each item separately. That’s the other magnetic pull of a kit.

Help you stay current – Another plus point of kits. Companies will usually enhance their kits with some of the hottest trends in the scrapbooking world. It’s a cost-effective to introduce you to some of latest, most innovative or even exclusive products out there in the market.

Offer you design Ideas and tips – With a kit, you are not on your own to figure it all out. Usually scrapbooking kits will contain friendly layout ideas and tips, pointing out ways to putting together lovely pages using that kit.

Be a source of instant gratification – A strong motivator. If you just put aside a day or two, and armed with your page kit, you can have your layout done up and ready for display.


The Contents of a Scrapbook Kit

Oh, it really varies from company to company. So be sure to look over their list of contents and see if they’ve gotten what you really wanted.

Some just offer the bare essentials and you’ll have to supply a number of your own supplies. Others will give you generous amount of all the supplies needed to complete those pages.

So look carefully and don’t feel shortchanged later on, when you discovered the scrapbooking page kit doesn’t contain what you’ve hoped for.

Scrapbooking page kits usually revolve around themes. Themes like baby boy/girl, best friends, summer vacation, school years, teen growing days, travel, Christmas and many others. Kits can also be organized based on certain techniques or playing around with certain materials. So take your own pick.

To keep you inspired and fill you with new ideas, companies will consistently vary the themes and supplies, especially if you’re ordering from a monthly scrapbooking kit club.

Mainly, each kit will be jam-packed with the essentials to get you going and scrapbooking.


The Looks Produced Using a Kit

Wondering whether your scrapbooking pages would look the same as others with the same scrapbooking page kit?

Not likely, unless you follow the sample layouts to a tee. Even so, your photos will never be the same and it’ll add a different feel to each layout. But does it really matter?

It’s like, there’s probably thousands of people with the same name as yours and yet each of you is unique and different. There’s really no cause for worry about having someone with similar-looking pages with you.

The thing is, besides helping you create super-looking scrapbooking pages, many kits will offer you plenty of room to move about and blend in your own creativity.

The materials in each kit may be standard, but your choice of mixing and matching may jolly well produced vastly different scrapbooking pages, from another scrapbooker with exactly the same kit. So the final product is still all yours truly.

Moreover, you can always throw in your own collections of rubber stamping, embossing or favorite tools to add some personal and one-of-a-kind touch to those pages.


Dealing with Leftovers from Kit

Don’t worry about not using every single piece of elements given in the kit.

You can always save them for your other layouts in future.

Scrapbooking kits can really be useful and save you the hassle of mix-matching on your own. Everything complement one another nicely and go well with each other in a kit.

Get one and start experimenting with kits and you’ll see how fun and easy it can be.

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