Scrapbooking Page Titles

Before you check out my collection of scrapbooking page titles below, I’ll like to share with you how you can come up with your own page titles.

I created these page titles one afternoon on a spur of the moment, when I was just sitting on my bedroom floor, staring out into the space, doing nothing much.

Suddenly I had this urge to whip out my little notebook and begin to grab for my pen. That day, I set a challenge to myself, I wanted to try creating my own list of scrapbooking titles. I set a target at 50 titles. One by one, the titles began popping into my head. Some came easily while others needed a little nudging.

By the end of the brainstorming session, I had more than 60 in hand. But I pruned and narrowed the list down to 50.

When it comes to creating page titles, simply start writing down swiftly whatever that comes to mind. Don’t pause to think about the value and appropriateness of each title, but just write all of them down.

Evaluating the usefulness of each title will come after the brainstorming session.

Even if a title seems absurd at that point, just write it down. That title can be modified or amended later on to make it more passable.

Occasionally when you’re really brain-freezed, take out a scrapbooking magazine or two and read through the titles displayed on the scrapbooking layouts quickly. I’m pretty sure you’ll be inspired to create your own after you see how it can be done.

There’s no absolute right or wrong title, probably just good or great titles. Ok, sometimes certain titles do sound a little corny, no worry, just dump it! :-)

Try it someday and let me say this, it’s fun!


50 Scrapbooking Page Titles

1. Hear my PERSONALITY roars

2. Once upon a not-so-long-ago time

3. Singing loudly and out of tune to the Ra-di-O

4. When I see you smile, I smile in my heart too

5. Hair-Raising experience

6. You make me smile, you make me cry, you simply make my day

7. You made me outstandingly PROUD

8. Wiggling like a worm

9. Your Big-Mac face era

10. Oh! Life’s little seemingly ordinary moments that made up 80% of my life

11. A spread of life’s little sweet treasures

12. A thousand and one dreams and hopes for you

13. You’ve cast an eternal spell over me and I don’t really mind

14. What little girls are made of: Sweetness and Spice

15. Look who’s chuckling here?

16. Treat everyday like a rainbow

17. Passage way to my heart

18. Secret codes to making you laugh

19. I’ve always loved you and I’ve no reason to believe otherwise in another 50 years

20. Our secret garden

21. Safe and sound in your open arms

22. Are you getting enough attention yet?

23. Who did you get that stubborn streak from?

24. Tiny feet, big heart

25. Make me a promise….

26. Wherever you look, I’ll be there

27. Crazy days, huge messes

28. You fill up every square inch of my days, nights and mind

29. When I’m down, play me a song, and sing me a tune

30. Way to comfort, way to love, way to home

31. Hand-picked bouquet of love for you

32. Mouth-gaping episodes

33. Trip out to the wild, wild world

34. Fiery logs, deafening cheers

35. Protecting and guarding you like an angel

36. When you feel lost, come back to the keeper of your soul

37. What’s your little list of wishes?

38. You’re special, you’re patented by me

39. Copyright that naughty grin!

40. You’re beautiful inside-out and you rock

41. Gorgeous mop of curls

42. Feasting in fast-food nation

43. Chocolate-melting moments

44. Happy squeals, happier hearts

45. Love lessons 101

46. You’re as unique as your thumbprint

47. Swim away, my little one

48. Heart-tugging antics

49. You’re my favorite cushion, cushioning me from my falls

50. Living in a fairy-tale


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