Scrapbooking Paper Storage

As you start scrapbooking, you will find yourself accumulating more and more papers. So scrapbooking paper storage is probably one of the first organization challenges you will be confronting with.

It is so easy to pile up your paper collection as there are so many yummy cardstock colors that call out to you and the countless patterned papers that seem so irresistible!

When I first started scrapbooking, I just organized my papers into 12″x 12″ plastic bags that came with my paper purchases. After three to four stuffed bags, searching for my desired colored cardstock or patterned paper became quite a chore…

Being quite a budget scrapper, I avoided buying any paper storage for a long time but facing with increasing chaos and wasted time, I finally relented and bought two 12×12 Cropper Hopper Paper Holders – one for my cardstock and the other for my patterned papers. Now my papers are more properly stored in these vertical holders, they are more organized and I can find what I’m looking for much easier.

There are various methods for you to sort out your papers and there are various paper storage options by different storage manufacturers to keep your papers well-organized. You will have to decide for yourself a system that will work for you.

Below are some tips to help you get your paper stacks organized.

Sort It Out

Firstly, you gotta decide on a sorting method.

For me, I sorted my papers into cardstock and patterned papers. Under cardstock, I further sorted them according to colors and then shades of colors.

For patterned papers, I categorized them into stripes, dots, swirls, florals, miscellaneous. Sometimes, I find that I have a set of complementary patterned papers under the same line from the same manufacturer. In such an instance, I would put them together as I can easily mix and match papers from the same line.

Donate Away Old Stuff

Okay, have you been hoarding papers that you believe you will use some days but really, you know in your heart that you won’t… These could be papers bought long time ago or their designs don’t speak to you anymore.

The solution is to pull out all these papers and put them into a pile. Then donate it away…

Another idea is to organize a swapping session with your scrapbooker friends. Someone else might appreciate it more than you do. Put these papers into better use than letting them sit in your space, indefinitely.

Vertical or Horizontal Storage?

Next, you have to look at your scrapbooking space and decide how much space you can allocate to scrapbooking paper storage.

Do you have a dedicated scrapbook room? If yes, you can afford horizontal paper trays that allow easy viewing of papers. With stackable paper tray towers, you can put stack up many as 30 trays vertically. If you have lots of space, you can even consider wall-mounted storage which will take up a good amount of wall space.

Limited space? Go vertical like I did. However, with vertical storage, papers might bow or bend. Sometimes the paper edges might be affected too. But if you stuff enough paper into the vertical paper holder, it will prevent the papers from getting bowed or bent.

12 x 12 Paper Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve gone through the above simple organizing tips, let’s take a look at the bestselling scrapbooking paper storage solutions from Click on each product, run through its description and read reviews on it by other scrapbookers. Get the paper organizer that best suits your needs.

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