Scrapbooking Poems

Let scrapbooking poems add a poignant, meaningful or light-hearted feeling to your pages.

Poems can be an excellent way to help express your thoughts and emotions effectively. They are also great in summing up your message when long journaling might be too heavy for your layout.

The right poem can help bring a poetic touch, a fun spin or a sentimental expression to your scrapbooking pages. It really depends on the type of poem you choose and the mood you want to create for your pages.

Below is a little collection of my poems covering various topics such as family, baby, girl, boy, sisters, friends, love, wedding and others.

I wrote all these in the course of an evening. My intention is to show you that poems can be easy to write, especially when inspiration strikes. Poems don’t need to be fanciful or really “deep”, just those words that help convey your feelings in the best way possible.

Take a look at my poems, they are written simply. Sort of like talking to a friend. If I can write poems, you can too. Your self-created poems will make your scrapbook page even more unique and special.

May my poems warm up your pages or better still, warm up your poetic side and let the words spill over to your pages!


My Little Collection of Poems

Eternal Love
When I look into your eyes,
I see eternity,
My eternal love for you,
Our eternal bond till the end of days,
I’m so proud to be your mom.


I’m a Lucky Woman
As our glazes locked,
My heart skipped a heart,
I’m once again reminded,
What a lucky woman I am,
To be with a man who truly adores me.


Happily Married
On this glorious day,
I feel like the most beautiful creature,
Your soulful glances reassures me of your love,
And I’m truly thankful to be finally wed,
To the love of my life.


I’m Original
I’m an original,
There’s no other like me,
I’m not perfect,
Yet my imperfections make me,
Unique and not duplicable.
I love to be me,
So please love me as I am,
And not as a copy of another,
I’m born to be an original,
Let me stay true to myself.


My Dear Family
Wherever I go,
I think of you,
You’re always somewhere in my mind.
Whenever I’m with you,
I feel so comforted and safe,
Where a sense of belonging fills me up.
As I go through each and every day,
Thoughts of you make my daily efforts worthwhile,
I smile a little smile as I always know,
My dear, dear family, wherever you are,
You’ll have your arms open out to me.


We are Sisters
We are the closest of friends,
We are accomplices in troubles,
We are partners in seeking fun,
We are the greatest cheerleaders,
We are unfailing supporters,
We are always behind each other,
Through the ups and downs,
Through separations and reunions,
Through and through it all,
We are sisters.


With Friends
With friends,
I can ease into myself,
And talk about dreams and future and whatnot,
With friends,
I can laugh out loud,
And not worry about being seen as silly,
With friends,
I can celebrate life,
And knowing whatever it brings there’s people,
Whom I can share my stories with.


My Sweet Little Baby
Mini fingers mini toes,
Tiny mouth and chubby cheeks,
Lovely eyes and sweetie face,
Holding me spellbound and fascinated,
And make me fall in love all over again,
With my sweet little baby,
Who keeps tugging at my heartstrings.
A hundred times every single day.


Family Outing
Another fun family outing,
Where the kids get ready in a jiffy,
And into the car we squeeze and sing,
To another magical place we arrive,
Where another adventure springs upon us!


Amazing Girl
Cutesy face,
Innocent eyes,
Our amazing little girl.
How could others have guessed,
What a little monster,
You can be at times,
A handful making our heads spin,
Round and round,
As we marvel,
How did such a wonder,
Swirl into our lives?


My Days with You
It doesn’t matter the weather,
It doesn’t matter the season,
It doesn’t matter the day of the year,
As long as I got you,
To spend my days with!


Times with You
Fun times,
Joyous times,
Happy times,
All the time,
I have on hand,
I want to be with you!


Growing Up Fast
Please slow down a little,
Don’t be in a hurry to grow up,
I’m constantly amazed,
At the rate you’re growing up,
Right before my very eyes,
I can’t stop time,
I can’t pause it,
I can’t rewind it,
So just let me capture,
This very moment,
I have with you,
And etch it in my memory.


My Beautiful Boy
Once upon a time,
A little boy came into my life,
And changed my life forever.
If someone were to ask me,
I would have say that I’ve dreamt,
Of having a beautiful boy,
And you were more than my dreams come true,
You were more than I could ever wish for,
And I’m so glad that you’re mine.


Grow Old with Me
Grow old with me,
Grow old with me,
As I look at you,
My heart sings,
And I recall,
Those days so long ago,
When we first fell in love,
When you asked me,
To be your wife,
And to grow old with you,
Now that the promised is sealed,
I’m growing old with you,
Right by your side.


Copyright 2007 Fion Lim. All Rights Reserved


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2 comments for “Scrapbooking Poems

  1. rhea
    September 13, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I love the poems!

    • Fion
      September 14, 2015 at 9:11 am

      Hi Rhea,

      Thanks for leaving me lovely comments on my site! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed these poems and looked through some of my scrapbooking layouts! :)

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