Scrapbooking Ribbons

Scrapbooking ribbons can add colors, fun and visual interest to your scrapbook pages. It’s a simple technique that beginners can apply to dress up their page. It’s one of the favorite items used on layouts by many scrapbookers.

Looking at the spools of ribbons in yummy colors, designs, and textures can be fascinating. The homespun look of ribbons on a layout can be endearing. There’s many possibilities to the yards and yards of ribbons and it’s easy to accumulate a pretty stash of ribbons!

You can use ribbons to weave, hang, tie or attach. You can even stamp and print on the thicker strands of ribbons to match the colors and styles of your pages.

If you’re wondering about the various ways to use ribbons in your scrapbooking, relax and take a look at how ribbons are always trendy and in fashion on your scrapbook pages.

Ways to Adhere Scrapbooking Ribbons

First off, there’s a few ways to securing ribbons on to your pages. Use whichever technique that’s best for your page layout.

  • String long strands of ribbons across your page and taping both ends down at the back of your page with double-sided tape.
  • For shorter strands of ribbons across your page, lay down a strip of double-sided tape on your page. Peel off the backing of the tape and lay your ribbon on top of the tape.
  • Lay the strand of ribbon across your page and then tape down both ends of the ribbon using brads, eyelets, staples and such.
  • Use a hole-puncher to punch two holes on your page and insert a strand of ribbon from the back through the holes and tie a knot at the front. If you have an eyelet-setter, you can create eyelets and weave your ribbon through the eyelets.


Use Ribbons to Hang, Weave, Tie or Attach

1. Use ribbons creatively to hang your page titles.

2. Attach safety pins to your ribbons. Hang little embellishments like charms on to your ribbons with the safety pins.

3. Cut slits through your page and weave a strand of ribbon in and out through the slit to create an attractive look.

4. Tie your embellishments to your layout with ribbons.

5. Instead of using brads, secure your bookplate with ribbons at two ends.


Ideas for Using Ribbons on Layouts

1. Use As Frames for Photos

To frame your photos with ribbons, use strips of ribbons to frame around your focal point photo to make it even more outstanding.

Another idea is to lay down a mixed strands of ribbons with varying lengths, but they must be longer than the length your photo. Then adhere your photo on top of the taped ribbons. Both ends of the ribbons are revealed at both right and left sides of the photo.

2. Use As Borders

Scrapbook layout showing the use of ribbons as borders

It’s an easy idea. Just use one thick or two or few strands of thin ribbons to help you form page borders.

Simply lay down the ribbons on one side of the page as a border to add visual interest and call attention to that section of the page.

You can also create borders all around your page using ribbons on all four sides of the page. Or you can create a corner border as shown in the layout above.

3. Use As Backgrounds

Not to fill up the whole page with strands of ribbons. It’s going to be costly.

Instead lay down different lengths of ribbons side-by-side, be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally across your page.

Remember to leave some space in-between ribbons for a random look. You can also try mixing in strips of patterned papers with the ribbons to help you cut down the ribbon usage.

4. Use As Page Accents

  1. Create a unique flower by looping ribbons to form the flower petals and then use a cute button as the flower center. You can even use a green-colored ric-rac to form the stem for your flower accent as shown on the layout above.
  2. Alternatively, punch holes on your tag or along the sides of your photo mat and tie ribbon knots.
  3. Do you have a few pieces of slide mounts or metal frames? Dress them up in ribbons by wrapping a strand of ribbon around them.
  4. Stitch ribbons on to your layout and adorn the stitched ribbons with colorful ribbons. This will immediately add lots of energy to your page and shout “cute!”
  5. Cut up little strips of ribbons and fold them into halves at a 45 degrees angle. Staple these ribbons to the edge of your pages, tags or accent. A quick and easy way to embellish your page.

5. Use As to Create Balance

OK, sometimes you just want to fill up a white space on your layout with something. You’re wondering how to create a more balanced look to your layout. You’re thinking of what else could be used to attractively divide your page into sections.

Yes, you got it right! Ribbons are fantastic for all these jobs.


Hope that you’ve enjoyed this series of tips on how to use ribbons in your scrapbooking.

There’s always a new spin to using this ever-popular scrapbooking embellishment. Ribbons aren’t a fashion fad that’ll die off in a few weeks’ time.

It’s a trend that’s used over and over again in scrapbooking. So don’t worry if you have a big stash of ribbons. They’ll always be useful.

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