Scrapbooking Techniques

Get acquainted with some of the simple and easy-to-apply scrapbooking techniques right here.

It’s true that there are many fascinating techniques on scrapbooking out there. I’m not even going to say that I have many techniques up my sleeves, because I don’t and I’m not someone who is big on trendy techniques. The truth is there’s many techniques I’ve never even tried before.

I’m a simple scrapper and I rely on a few well-tested and easy-to-apply techniques to dress up my pages a little. I’m going to share with you these easy techniques I’ve used repeatedly on my layouts.

You’ll see that a good technique doesn’t have to be complicated and hard-to-do. In fact, these popular techniques are usually the easier ones to apply. These are classic techniques that you’ll be using over and over again.


Introduction to Paper

An introduction to the common variety of papers used for scrapbooking. Includes cardstock, patterned papers, vellum, transparencies, and specialty paper.


Easy-to-Apply Techniques

Cardstock is one of the core supplies used in scrapbooking. Find out how highly versatile it is and how it can work wonders for your pages as you use it for a variety of purposes.

Paper Tearing
Finally you don’t have to feel guilty about tearing paper. When applied in the right way, it’s an easy and fun technique for your scrapbook pages.

Get ideas on how you can create your own beautiful borders for your scrapbook layout.

Brads can be used to different effects. These days, they come in assorted sizes, shapes and designs that add to their appeal.

You can sew them on and you can also glue them on. This traditional clothing item is given a new twist on scrapbook pages. Buttons help to draw your eyes to a part of the page and can be used as part of a design too.

Flower Embellishments
I love the look of flowers. Find out how flowers easily add a feminine or girly touch to a page. Flowers never go out of style but they have evolved into many different forms, all ready to be used on your layouts.

Like flowers and buttons, women love collecting ribbons and using them on their scrapbook pages! Ribbons can be versatile and used in a number of ways to embellish a page.

Card Making
Embellishments aren’t restricted to scrapbook pages anymore. They are very commonly used in cardmaking too. Find out how you can use the same scrapbook supplies to decorate your handmade cards too.



I hope you’ve gained a better idea of the different scrapbooking techniques you can make use of to enhance the looks of your scrapbook pages.

Besides these basic easy techniques, there are many techniques which you can try out if you enjoy exploring on how a technique can work to embellish your page. In time to come, you’ll know which are the scrapbooking techniques you really enjoy using, and for these techniques you can keep applying them over and over again.

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