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Scrapbookers are always on the lookout for more useful scrapping tips. This 3rd series of tips is ready to be gobbled up.

Please remember to come back for more tips as I collect them on my scrapping journey.

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Scrapbook Tips No. 76-100

Continued from 2nd series:


Tip No. 76
Do you have a gorgeous vacation photo? Why not enlarge it to form a background for a double-page layout? Then you can include a journaling box on the white space of the photo. Big photos are very impactful and the two-page spread will let you display the best bits and details of the big background photo.

Tip No. 77
Find it expensive to enlarge a photo? Then use a series of photos to create your background page. This placement technique allows you to use many photos at one go. It also let the readers take in more faces, more details, and it’s like a compressed “photo album” on a double-page layout.

Tip No. 78
Want to direct the eye of your readers? You can use little arrows or one big arrow cut out from cardstock (just cut a “v” shape) to direct your reader’s eyes from the photo to your journaling.

Tip No. 79
You can create page accents using your photos. Yes you can when you take macro shots of architectural elements or textures such as a fabric print. Then turn your shot into a page accent.

Tip No. 80
Want an artistic-looking layout? This a simple layout you can try out. Cut horizontal strips of your photos and journaling text. Then place each photo strip next to each journaling strip and move downwards, creating a page with 4-5 set of photo strip and journaling strip combos.

Tip No. 81
If you like handwriting your journaling but hate the idea of erasing pencil lines, try using a ruler as a guide. Move the ruler downwards as you are ready to move on to the next line of writing. This will help to keep your handwriting straight.

Tip No. 82
Adore flower accents but don’t want to spend on buying those fabric flowers? Simply create your paper flowers by drawing your own, or trace from a pattern and cut them out with your scissors.

Tip No. 83
Add a spot of color and fun to your photos by cutting out small semi-circles from edges of your photos. Then fill up the negative spaces with colorful cardstock circles.

Tip No. 84
Want to make your darker photos “pop”? Mat them on white cardstock.

Tip No. 85
Try printing some panoramic size photos, especially of scenic views to add an interesting feel to your layout. The extensive look will let the readers have a “wider view” of things.

Tip No. 86
Add a different look to your layout by using vertical orientation of your journaling and title once in a while. It helps to add variety to your pages.

Tip No. 87
If you want your photos to shine through, try using a neutral shade for your background page. Tan colored cardstock seems to be a very good choice and it can go very well with other colors.

Tip No. 88
Too many photos to add to a layout? One idea is to attach your photos to tags and slot them into pockets added on your layout.

Tip No. 89
I saw this cool idea on a layout by Angie Cramer and thought that it’s very effective. If you have a layout that touches on a painful moment, you can rip a line down your photo. A black background that shows through the ripped line will intensify the look.

Tip No. 90
Apply rub-ons titles or captions directly on your photos to add instant interest. It’s also a great idea if you’re running short of space to add your title.

Tip No. 91
If you have your photos printed on matte paper, you can experiment with journaling directly on your photos.

Tip No. 92
Have a collection of letter stickers waiting to be used? Apply your letters in a crooked fashion to add a whimsical touch to your layout. The same look can be achieved by deliberately varying the heights of your handwritten letters slightly.

Tip No. 93
Want to create a cool and metallic twist to your black and white photo? Insert silver brads along the edge of the photo.

Tip No. 94
Creating a layout on your kid? Why not let her journal in her handwriting and add that to your layout? It enhances the theme and gives off a very strong child-like charm to your page.

Tip No. 95
Add a strip of white acrylic paint to your background paper and then add your title on that painted strip. You can handwrite, add letter stickers or apply rub-ons.

Tip No. 96
Have a flower punch? Punch out flowers using a variety of patterned papers. Then ink the flower edges and you now have pretty flower accents instead of plain-looking cardstock flowers for your layout.

Tip No. 97
For a smart border, print out the names of the people who appeared on the layout onto that strip of border.

Tip No. 98
Create your own background paper featuring official documents that support your theme. Just photocopy or scan your official documents and print them out on cardstock.

Tip No. 99
If you want to create a “busy” look to your layout, try mixing alphabets and numbers as page accents and they’ll pull in a buzz.

Tip No. 100
When you are out at cafes, restaurants, shopping or just taking a walk, pay attention to your surrounding. Make a mental note of any design element that you can apply to your layouts, such as an ornate swirl that you can freehand draw on your page.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series of scrapbook tips. For more tips, please go to 4th Series.


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