5 Simple Scrapbook Layout Ideas on Friends

Friends, who doesn’t need them? These simple scrapbook layout ideas based on friendship will help you celebrate one of your most meaningful relationships in life.

Friends are the ones to cheer you up when you’re struggling, the ones who bravely point out when your head gets too big, the ones who comfort you on those days when you’re sinking in your woes.

Celebrate and salute your beautiful friendships with these scrapbooking page ideas.

Document down the memories of those friends who are part of your cheerleader team, reality-check inspectors and faithful woes-absorber.

These 5 scrapbooking ideas for friendship will get you scrapping away busily.


1. Get-Togethers and Getaways

Scrapbook layout on the friends I hang out with.

Do you have fixed days on your calendars where you and your friends will meet up for your monthly, quarterly or annual gatherings? These are the days where you do all the soulful catching up with your friends without any interruption.

Remember to take snapshots during these gatherings for your scrapbooks. Enjoy these gatherings while they last because you never know when the dynamics will change and make meeting up harder in future.

As I looked through my photo collection, some of the usual gatherings I had with some friends were dissolved years ago. But these photos stand witness to the closeness we used to share during a period of my life.


2. Growing Up Memories

Scrapbooking layout on the long friendship of me and my friend Susan.

Do you have childhood friends?

If you and your best friend knew each other since you were little, countless memories would have taken place as you both grew up. Why not record down how you met each other and how do you maintain a long-lasting friendship through the years?

Are there telltale-signs that this person is someone whom you’ll regard as a friend for ages ahead? Write down the poignant story of your long friendship.


3. Getting in Touch

Scrapbook layout on the phone chats I had with friend Mavis.

How do you keep your long-distanced friendships working smoothly?

What are the ways you use to maintain contact? Emails? Frequent meet-ups? Snail mail? Regular phone-chats? Online chatting?

Include handwritten notes, letters exchanged, post cards sent on your scrapbooking pages. These will pump up the personalized factor by a hundred times!


4. Admirable Qualities

Are there qualities in your friend that you absolutely adore? Pay tribute to your friend’s best qualities or unique characteristics with a scrapbook layout.

Open up and celebrate the goodness you see in your friend. Ultimately you choose to be friends with her, so there must be a set of admirable qualities you see in her. These are her qualities that you treasure and contribute to the enduring friendship.

Is Susie the very practical sort who pulls you down to earth whenever you crack up yet another pie in the sky scheme?

Is Bob the techie kind who helps you solved all your hard-to-solve computer problems?

I have a long-time friend. Her loyalty was what made her attractive as a friend when we were just mere classmates years ago.

So why not think about your friend and do a layout that splashes out the most attractive qualities of your pal.


5. Your Biggest Contrasts

They say opposites attract.

Is this applicable to you and your friend? List down the biggest differences you can detect in your friendship.

Notice how these differences spice up your friendship in a way that makes it all the more special from your other friendships.

Celebrate how differences can make people and friendships even more interesting, and help you see things from a different perspective.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 simple scrapbooking page ideas!

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  1. Felicia
    March 27, 2015 at 9:57 am

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    September 13, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Nice designs, I want more. Creative. :)

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    Very nice layout designs, more would be great!! This website really helped. :)

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