Spring Cleaning on Valentine’s Day

My husband bought a stalk of rose.I thought I didn’t have much to clean since I would declutter stuff around my house throughout the year. Removing clutter is one thing, cleaning up the kitchen, the door, the windows, washing the curtains, etc is another thing.

Spring cleaning for Chinese New Year is the period where many of us would busy ourselves with cleaning things around the house which we don’t normally clean throughout the year. Haha…. So it’s intensive cleaning within a short time frame.

I’m so thankful that my husband would automatically wash the windows and curtains each year. I just leave these areas to him.

Cleaning the Main Door and My Son “Helped” Out

Two days ago, I decided to clean our main door and gate. My little boy asked me what I was doing, I told him Chinese New Year is coming so I’m cleaning things.

Upon hearing this, he threw himself into a frenzy. He rushed over to his little blue table and starting removing things from the table. He swept papers onto the floor and carried other stuff over to the sofa and leave them there.

My little son helped to clean his blue table.
Then he hurried over to his high chair and grabbed his facial handkerchief and starting wiping off the marker ink off his magnetic board, soiling a good hanky. It was too late when I realized. All these time while he busied himself, he was muttering, “Chinese New Year is coming! I better clean things!”

When I remarked that he’s even busier than me, it’s as though I complimented him and he went off to clean his toy figurines with his hanky, and exclaimed, “Chinese New Year is coming! I better clean things! I’m so busy!”

It’s really quite a comical scene and he’s such a cute one at times.

Cleaning the Kitchen

A few days ago, my husband cleaned up the cooking stove and the table top that holds our sauces and cooking oils.

So yesterday after dropping my son off at school, I came home and started to clean up the the kitchen countertop and the items sitting on top of it. That took me two hours to give the water canisters a good wash, the thermo flask, kettle, rice cooker, induction cooker, a little tray and the kitchen counter a good wipe down.

This afternoon, I spent more time on wiping down the fridge exterior and giving its interior a good clean up, and also discarded a few expired or forgotten items. I thought I would leave it at the fridge. But after cooking lunch and eating it with my boy, I decided to continue with cleaning up the glass shelving that holds our plates and bowls. I’ve wanted to end it here. Then I carried on to clean up the kitchen sink.

I thought I’m done, till I looked up up and saw the middle shelves. Okay, I stopped. That’s for another day.

It’s Valentine’s Day today after all. I didn’t want to play the cleaning maid for the whole day. My husband did come home with a stalk of rose and a cake.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! :)

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