The Final Days of The Holiday Season

Christmas Hazelnut Logcake
I hope all of you had a heartwarming and lovely Christmas!

This Christmas season, I did what I’ve done for previous years. Firstly, I met up with a few good friends for an evening of food, laughter and gift exchange.

Then on Christmas Day itself, it’s potluck lunch over at my elder brother’s place. My four siblings and families, and our mom gathered together for lunch, gift exchange and just basking in the warmth of each other’s presence.

The kids had so much fun playing with each other and their laughter rang throughout my brother’s place. We women just continued to sit at the dining table, chit-chat and eat more. The men, they sat around the sofa and watched TV.
Christmas tree at my brother's place.
But this year, we did something new.

On Christmas Eve, one of my sisters went shopping with her daughter. She was just about to leave the shopping mall when I Whatsapp her asking get to help me get a Christmas hat for my little boy if she was still in the shopping mall. She called me right after and said that she was just about to leave and I messaged her just in time.

Back to the shop she went and while looking for a Christmas hat for my son, she took a picture of these fake fabric reindeer antlers that could be pinned to our hair. I suggested that perhaps we women could each get a pair to dress up our hair for our Christmas party. We laughed about it a little and we all agreed.

So after lunch on Christmas Day, my sister got out 4 pairs of these gold reindeer antlers. My two sisters, my sis-in-law and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to fix these antlers to our hair! It can be tricky especially when one’s hair isn’t thick enough for the antler pin to hold onto. Well, it took a longer time also because the women had to apply some last-minute makeup for the photo-taking.

All the kiddos had their Christmas hats, we women had the reindeer antlers, and then it’s great that my sis-in-law had a few extra Christmas hats for the men to don on their heads too. We took a good number of photos and at the end of the day, we sisters commented among ourselves that we had some great pictures this year. :) It’ll be easy to create a fun Christmas scrapbook layout using these photos!

In a few more days, we’ll be ushering in 2015! How exciting! Whenever a new year comes, I’ll start looking forward to the new year with fresh goals and new hopes.

For next year, I’m already thinking of creating some scrapbook layouts and sharing more content with you. I’ve not been scrapbooking for soooo long and it’ll be fun to start scrapping again and to share some scrapbooking ideas on this blog.

There’s still a few more days to set my goals… Happy Holidays! :)

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