The Oreo Cheesecake Dream

Tuesday was my husband’s birthday. In the evening after dinner, we went to buy a little cake so the three of us could have a mini celebration at home.

While trying to decide which cake to buy, my little one saw the Oreo Cheescake at the cake shop display counter, and he pointed to that. But my husband had another choice in mind. In the end, we left with the Royal Chocolate Mousse.

Royal Chocolate Mousse by Swee Heng Bakery.

Although the cake shown here looks big, in reality it’s a small-sized cake. I’m guessing approximately 5″, but I might be off the mark.

Back home, we lit up a single candle. Then Kaden and I sang the Happy Birthday song to my husband. Three of us enjoyed the cake. It was light, airy, fluffy and very chocolatey. And I enjoyed the brownie topping too. In fact, Kaden finished off two little slices in quick time. We ate half the cake and put the remaining half into the fridge for the next day.

In the middle of the night after sleeping for a couple of hours, I was awakened by Kaden crying out sorrowfully in his sleep and muttering aloud, “No!!! I want the Oreo Cheesecake!” His eyes were still closed and I patted him a little to soothe him.

In the morning when he woke up and while we two were eating our breakfast, he looked a little upset. I tried to ask him what’s the matter, and he burst into tears again. He said in a sad voice, “Mummy… I want the Oreo Cheesecake…” Oh goodness, I didn’t know he wanted that Oreo Cheesecake that much!

I mean he did point out that he wanted that while we were at the bakery shop. But he didn’t even protest when his daddy chose the Royal Chocolate Mousse. He even polished off two slices….

Anyway, I comforted him and told him that when it’s my birthday next month, we could get the Oreo Cheesecake then. A little smile came back to his little’s face. ;)

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