Toy Ferris Wheel Made of Building Blocks

Ferrish wheel built with Gakken building blocks.

Sometime last year, we were passed a big plastic box with a pink lid cover containing building blocks. It’s similar to the Lego concept of building blocks, except that these blocking blocks are softer and slightly pliable plastic pieces. It’s by a Japanese brand called Gakken.

We were given this box by a very kind woman who cleans apartments for foreigners. When one of her Japanese clients left the country, they left behind some things and this Gakken building block box was one of them. She saw this toy box was in very good condition still and she remembered I have a young son, so she though it would be a great toy for him to play with. She very kindly delivered the toy box to my house to give us it to us! We were indeed fortunate.

But last year, Kaden was too young to know how to play with building blocks. That didn’t stop him from browsing through the instruction manual and pointing out to the model he wanted me to build. I struggled to build him things but I did them. Sometimes, a slightly more complicated design could take me about 90 minutes to figure out and piecing it together.

The thing is, the instruction manual is all in Japanese, and so I could only rely on the pictures to give me some visual clues as to the building and construction of a design. Sometimes, the pictures weren’t that clear enough and I had to figure out the missing bits on my own. Last year, after building a bunch of models for him, he stopped asking me to build him stuff again.

Recently, he started to pull out this pink cover box and requested that I build him stuff again. So far, I’ve done built a dinosaur, a train, and a fire engine. These three were relatively easy to build, especially now that it’s my second attempts with them and it took me a shorter time to build.

Few days later, he requested for me to build the two-storey house again. This took a longer time but still I could manage it. Another few days later, he wanted the helicopter which I’ve not done before. That took more time and it couldn’t sit on the floor like the rest because there’s a animal carriage that’s attached to the bottom of the helicopter. So it only lasted a while before he wanted sometimes else.

Next, he wanted the ferris wheel… That’s the one featured in the photo above. This time round, I made him sort the whole box of building blocks by color on his own while I started to build. He grumbled and had some tears in his eyes while sorting out the pieces. But he did finish the sorting. ;)

Well, when I was a single woman, I didn’t imagine I would have a boy someday. I didn’t expect to be the one building him models using building blocks. I didn’t know I could somehow figure out construction instructions. This little boy certainly brings me sunshine, laughter and challenges. Love him lots!

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