Vacation Scrapbooking Layouts

By creating vacation scrapbooking layouts, you can revisit those wonderful trips you’ve taken recently or years ago whenever you flip through these pages.

When I dug through my photo boxes, and scrapbooked on my past vacations, memories of those days sprung sharply to mind. It seems just like yesterday when I took those vacations.

But I knew better. Several of these vacations dated more than 10 years ago! Yet looking at my vacation scrapbook layouts, I can now revisit those tuck away memories whenever I want to.

My first snorkeling trip on one of the utterly beautiful islands of Hawaii. The gorgeous blue waters, the clear blue skies… My first plunge into the ocean when I could hardly swim… My sheer excitement and how I panicked and froze for a few seconds after I hit the waters… My abandoned enjoyment of a slice of paradise in the waters.

That’s just one of the few vacations I’ve taken over the years. And now I have my scrapbooking layouts to help me make those long-ago vacations stick to my mind. To look at my vacation layouts, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


Vacation Scrapbooking Ideas

Be sure to bring along some pens and papers while on your trip, so that you can quickly jot down the nitty-gritty details that you’re bound to forget later on.

And at the end of each fun-filled cum exhausted traveling day, do spend a few quick minutes to make little notes about your experiences. Or you could put aside some time to do it as soon as you hit home. You’ll be glad that you took the efforts to do it.

Now that the trip was over, your notes are done and your photos are developed, and you’re ready to scrapbook. What’s next?

Here’s some scrapbooking ideas to help you in doing your vacation scrapbooking layouts:

  • What made you choose this destination?
  • Was language a barrier and how did you overcome it?
  • How different or similar are the local people from you?
  • What’s the most exciting, most touching or scariest things that happened on your trip?
  • Who was the person that you know or you’ve met that created the greatest impact on your trip?
  • What did you learn about yourself or others on the trip?
  • If given a chance, would you go back again?


Start Scrapping Away!

You would notice my vacation layouts below are mainly double-pages as it can hold multiple photos. I found that for such layouts, not much embellishments are needed as I tend to want to focus more on the photos and the stories of my vacations.

So why not grab a few of your favorite vacation photos and get busy now?

Your family will enjoy revisiting those memories again. Your friends and relatives will get to see where you’ve been to so far.

And you’ll simply appreciate the fact you’ve taken those trips. Maybe it’ll tickle your wanderlust and make you go for that long postponed vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Happy scrapping your vacations!


My 10 Vacation Layouts




















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2 comments for “Vacation Scrapbooking Layouts

  1. Kal
    July 13, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    Hi there,
    I have just been browsing through your website and I must say you are amazing. Thank you for giving us a great insight on scrapbooking. I love your different ideas that you have put forth before us and with illustrations and pictures. Too good. Very informative. I am about to start yet and have gathered a couple supplies and hope to make it a fun experience and this site is surely going to guide me a lot in that attempt. One question I have though is that I have a lot of old photos, some are not in great condition etc, so how do I go about it? If I use them as is, then what can I do to enhance its appearance? Also please if you can be able to tell me the best glues for sticking photos etc so that they don’t get spoilt over a period of time or they don’t fall off either ?
    Thanks much !!!

    • Fion
      July 15, 2014 at 10:14 am

      Hi Kal,

      Thanks for your lovely feedback on my website! You’ll be having fun scrapbooking, and please feel free to look through my site for ideas to try out. :)

      For old photos, if they’re really old and you don’t have backup copies of them, I’m not sure if you’ll want to tamper with the originals especially if they hold great sentimental value. You might want to make copies of them and use the copies for your scrapbook layouts.

      For enhancing the looks of the old photos, some people might approach the experts who restore old photos or if you have photo-editing software, you can scan the photos them and do some editing on the scanned photos.

      But if you decide them use the old photos as they are, don’t let less than perfect photos deter you from scrapping them. Instead you can focus on designing a page layout that tell the special memories about those photos. Or if you could sprinkle a few embellishments to sort of “hide” some not so nice looking areas, or you can also carefully cropped off unwanted areas. These are some options you can consider.

      For adhesives, you’ll want to check out Tombow – Mono Adhesive or Therm O Web – Memory Tape Runner XL, as these two have great reviews and are raved about by other scrapbookers.

      I hope this help. Happy scrapping!

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