Water Spilled Onto My Laptop

This is thelaptop my little son spilled water onto.On Monday evening, I was working away on my laptop while my little one sat beside me and drank from his cup. Instead of giving him his water bottle to drink from, recently I’ve given him a cup to drink from. Out of the blue, he started asking, “Can I spill water all over here?”

“No, you can’t. If you splash water all over here, things will get wet. My laptop will get wet and it will be spoilt. Electronic devices such as laptop and your tab cannot get wet. They will be spoilt.”

I went back to doing work on my laptop, and I vaguely remember hearing him playing with water inside his mouth. Suddenly, he threw the water out from his mouth and I saw water splashed onto my laptop keyboard! I quickly pulled off tissue from the tissue box behind my laptop and started wiping off the water. I scolded my boy.

What I Did to Nearly Kill My Laptop

Then I tried to key in my password to login to my computer but somehow the keystrokes didn’t correspond with what I’ve typed and seem to have a mind of its own. It gave off a long strings of dots which I didn’t type. I couldn’t get the Backspace key or the Delete key to work. I repeatedly hit on the Enter key and it didn’t work either. Shortly, my computer screen went blank and it’s out.

In frustration, I had an idea. I quickly went to get my hairdryer and blew at my keyboard, hoping to evaporate whatever water residue that remained or had seeped into my keyboard. Again I tried to power it on and it didn’t turn on.

A little anxious now, I quickly used my smartphone to search for online information about water spillage on laptop.

Getting Online Help with My Smartphone

I scanned through the first article I read and carried out the first 3 steps.

Firstly, I was supposed to turn off the laptop immediately and unplug the AC adaptor and remove the battery.  So I did that. Secondly, I should remove my mouse and so I did. Thirdly, to turn my laptop upside down. OK, for this I had to search for images to ensure that I was doing it right. As I went further down the list of things to do, I stopped. I’m not technically savvy and there’s no way I’m going to open up my laptop and mess around with it.

But I’ve read from the article that I should never have used a hairdryer to blow at my laptop as it might dry the moisture deeper in or melt some plastic components in the extreme situations. Gulp…. did I just kill the machine?

My Photos, My eBooks, My Files

After the mini rescue operation, I left my laptop in a teepee position and tried to go to bed. Many thoughts popped into mind.

What about my thousands of photos I’ve accumulated over the years? What about my digital scrapbook layouts? Just two days ago, I’ve uploaded about a dozen of my digital scrapbook layouts to a photobook and now I’m asking myself why didn’t I finish it up so I could at least have saved 40 digital layouts! What about my files, my ebooks and whatever that I couldn’t remember but it’s all saved under my laptop folders…

I used to have a backup on an external harddisk. But I’ve erased all data on that harddisk recently and downloaded my two nieces’ baby photos that were saved on my laptop to the harddisk. Over the Christmas period, I passed my external harddisk to my sister so she could download her daughters’ photos to her own laptop.

She did return the harddisk back to me on New Year’s Eve, but I didn’t get around to making a new backup of my photos and important files on my laptop. At the back of my mind, I kept reminding myself to, especially now that my laptop has turned 4 years old, and it’s been acting slow lately so I knew it’s safer to have a backup just in case… and then it happened!

The Following Days…

I did manage to fall asleep that day. After sending my preschooler to school the next Tuesday morning, I came home and hurriedly tried to start up my laptop. It’s been about 12 hours after last evening water spillage incident.

The power on lights came on, there’s hope! Then nothing. I then remembered my Lenovo latpop has a OneKey Rescue System, I’m not exactly sure what it is because I never had to use it. I pressed on the button once I found it. Viola! Finally something appeared on my screen. Okay, it asked about something which I’ve since forgotten, and I tried to enter my option, but my keyboard wasn’t responding. Seconds later, my screen went blank once more.

I tried to tell myself to just leave my machine to dry further. Maybe it’s too soon. Afterwards, I didn’t do much. I was at a loss at what to do. I even took a nap with my boy, something I seldom do unless I’m exhausted or unwell. I told myself to turn it on again maybe Wednesday night.

On Wednesday, I played games with my boy after his school, did some household chores, read together, and sent an inquiry to a local PC repair shops to ask about the cost of data loss recovery. In the evening, I checked online for prices for a budget laptop and Whatsapp my brother-in-law links to various laptop specs, so he could advise me which would be a better laptop to get based on my small budget. And I decided against turning on my laptop that night.

Thursday Morning

Thursday morning, after sending my boy to school, I came home and decided it’s time to turn on my laptop and see if there’s any signs of life.

I pressed on the power on button. Phew! The lights came on and soon the message came up to alert me that I didn’t shut down my Windows properly the last time and it asked if I would want to start Windows normally.

Upon logging into my laptop, I went about saving my important data right away! I kept chanting inside my heart that my lappie could stay powered on long enough for me to secure my backup. And it did! Thank goodness!

Thereafter, I shut it down and went out to pick up my child from his preschool.

Thursday night, which was yesterday night, I switched on my laptop once more to see if it’s still working. Yes it still worked! Yippee! That’s when I published a post which has been left in the Draft mode since Monday before my laptop was spilled with water.

So yeah, my laptop survived, and my did my data. And I’ve done my backup. This little mishap highlighted the importance of remembering to do a backup of important files and the so many photos that’s been lying in our computers. Better yet, have some of the photos printed out as prints or in photobooks just in case…

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