Wedding Scrapbooking Ideas

Relive your wedding with these wedding scrapbooking ideas. Perhaps you’ve been happily married for years and there’s a big box of your wedding photos safely stored somewhere. What’s missing is the debut of your long-awaited wedding scrapbook.

With hundreds of photos taken at every possible angle, you’re now at a dilemma… The problem is that your box of photos has been lying untouched for years. You didn’t intend it to be that way. It’s just that it’s too overwhelming.

You rather scrapbook on any other occasions than dealing with your wedding photos. The mere thought of doing anything irreversible to your precious photos is likely to throw you into frenzy. To avoid that, you totally avoid starting on your wedding scrapbooking album.

On the other spectrum, this might be your very first scrapbooking attempt. You’re confident that you can jump right in and create pages and pages of awesome-looking wedding scrapbook pages. Congratulations, you’re a brave soul and didn’t let the fear of mistakes stops you in tracks.

Whatever the case, now that you’ve finally decided to start on your wedding scrapbook, here’s some practical and useful wedding scrapbook ideas to ignite your creativity.


Organizing Wedding Photos

Sorting your pile of wedding photos shouldn’t be a big challenge if you’ve earlier on arranged them in a chronological order. If not, doing a general chronological sorting now is a good starting point.

If you desire, you can create your wedding scrapbook album based on chronology, letting your most special day unfold minute by minute in a logical sequence.

A setback is that if you want to narrow down to anything specific, you’ll probably have to remember the sequence of events very well to trace it.

The other way is to glance through your photos and see what emerging theme calls out to you.

You can choose to sort your photos by themes like engagement, bridesmaids, groomsmen, reception, guest, opening the gifts, etc. When you wanna look for that cute photo of your little pageboy almost tripping on his way down the aisle carrying your rings, simply skip right to the section on Pageboy and there it is…


8 Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

  • Is your scrapbooking going to include pre-wedding, gatherings or post-wedding? Newspapers announcements on your wedding would be a wonderful memento. If you’ve gone for a honeymoon, brochures, postcards, program sheets and maps for the travel destination are amazing memento embellishments too.
  • How about dedicating some pages that showcase your lives before your wedding? His and Her pages work beautifully as wedding scrapbook pages. Remember to include personalities, interests, hobbies, buddies, old nicknames, milestones.
  • “How We Met” pages work great for the wedding scrapbook too. First date, first kiss, first commitment, first vacation, all provides fertile grounds for wedding scrapbooking.
  • Already saved a bunch of mementos from your wedding? Mementos such as invitations, programs, place cards, party favors, confetti, napkins, champagne corks and others are incredible embellishments for your wedding scrapbook.
  • Other embellishments will work beautifully on your pages as well. Working with fibers on your wedding pages brings a definite air of romance and sweetness to your pages. You can choose from satin, delicate ivory lace, ribbon to tulle as fibers. Stickers and clip-art carrying theme on wedding will also bring stunning results to your scrapbook pages. Punch art is another winsome addition to your pages. Go visit your favorite scrapbook store and browse through the numerous embellishments available.
  • The classic, failed-proof wedding pages formula is to search for wedding scrapbook supplies that are white, off-white, black, satin-like and lacy. Another way is to choose to scrapbook in the colors of your wedding. Or you can play with using the typical colors for the wedding, and sprucing up your reception with more vibrant colors.
  • Instead of getting guests to sign in the traditional guest book, get them to write on cards about a favorite memory, kindly marital advice or congratulatory messages. Then all these handwritten cards will go into a scrapbook together with the photos.
  • Want another brilliant wedding scrapbook idea? Is there a “special song or poem” that you and your husband absolutely adore? Include the song or poem and it’ll add an unmatched personal touch to your pages. If your memory is turning a wee bit rusty, you can always search through the Internet for the exact song lyrics or poem content.

Happy scrapping your wedding photos!

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