What I Am Wearing Scrapbooking Idea

What I Am Wearing Scrapbooking Layout

This scrapbooking idea is a fun one, to show off your current favorite fashion! Are you a fashionista flaunting the latest outfits that grace the magazine pages? Are you into classic and elegant clothes that never really go out of style? Or are you the laid-back casual woman who’s a true fan of jeans, denim and tank tops?

Go pick out a few photos that reveal your state of dress sense. I understand fashion comes and goes fast, so creating a page on what you’re wearing these days would be an interesting page to review in time to come. It’s a representation of you in the image department.

As you look at your page in future, you might think, “You mean I actually wore that?!!”, “See how my style never did go out of fashion and now it’s back in fashion again”, “Aargh, I wish I would dress a little different than what’s showing here!”, etc.

See what I mean? Having a page like this serves as a time capsule to your then dressing style, and how much it remains the same or differs from your future dressing style.

For me, I’m not into the latest fashions anymore. But that doesn’t mean that if something nice comes along, I won’t go for it. I resisted the black tights when it first got back in “vogue” in my country, especially seeing the one that my friend wore that resembled swimming tights. :-)

Later, when I realized how comfy they (the cotton ones) are and how they match excellently with tunics and the short dresses, I became a fan. Sort of. Would I look back 5 years later and wondered what has gotten into my mind? Maybe. Maybe not. At least I know they’re easy to wear and offer me freedom of movement! Out of these 4 outfits, two are hand-me-down from my sister. :-)

Have fun!


Supplies used: Tan cardstock – Bazzill Basics; Blue cardstock: Worldwin; Circle images – Digital collage (unknown); Baby blue felt – Daiso Japan; Black Marker – Zig Memory System “Dotta-Riffic”; Black pen – Zig Memory System “Millennium”; Circle punch – Carla Carl Craft; Sketch: No. 376 from 500 Scrapbooking Sketches.

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